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Life Definition x Sergio + James

Posted in Art Nouveau with tags , , , , , , , , , on July 26, 2011 by James Field

As the official launch of Sergio + James draws closer, we have begun to experiment with our concept and continue the idea of branding. The Sergio + James brand represents a multiple of lifestyles to fit every wearer. From the hipsters, to the bookworms, we aim to usher in the feeling of a way of life with our collection.

The groupings above are just a small demonstration of this philosophy, and they feature pieces from the up coming debut collection. Of which you will find:

*The small Jo necklace in high gloss black

*Set of beaded bracelets in high gloss black

*The large Jo necklace in natural wood

*The large Jo necklace in high gloss red

*Set of beaded bracelets in high gloss red and natural wood

With much more to come, we hope you watch out for our official launch as we have worked so hard to create something special for you all. The world of Sergio + James has been crafted out of continuos creative thought and inspiration and we believe that it will blend seamlessly into your everyday life. Stay tuned for there is so much more we wish to share with you!

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Sergio James Spring 2012 Debut Collection coming soon……