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Carolina Herrera Fall 2010 Collection: The Gentlemans Wife

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One thing I find very sexy about womenswear is menswear influences, and the Fall 2010 Collection by Carolina Herrera gave me just that. The finely tailored banker pinstripe suits, paired with beautiful fur-trimmed coats, all topped by a graceful hat, was such a throw back to those screen sirens of the 1940’s, Marlene Dietrich comes into mind. The blend of menswear tailoring mixed with the femininity of soft silks, ruffles, prints, amazing furs and beautiful women make for a classic mix of androgyny. Here are some of favorite looks from the show, but you can view the full collection via


Scott Schuman

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Photography is a great hobby of mine that I am only beginning to scratch the surface of. One type of photography I truly love is Fashion Photography, and who knows that better than our Daily Honoree, Scott Schuman. The former showroom owner and Valentino Marketer, is the creator of the ridiculously popular fashion blog, The Sartorialist, which gets roughly over 120,000 hits a day. His photography of street style is amazing, he seems to always have the best lighting, awesome locations, and the coolest people. Scott is now currently the author of his very own book titled what else, “The Sartorialist”, and has also shot ad campaigns for DNKY as well as covered runway shows and photography for

Time Goes To The Motherland

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Arlenis Sosa
Model; Arlenis Sosa
I’m getting hip to the new publications pushing fashion to extreme that it should be (Flaunt, Antenna, Vogue, . I read that with the economy in this condition, the creators of the world are more inspired than ever, and out generation as a whole is looking toward progression

TIME, STYLE & DESIGN has chosen African influences as the theme for this spread, justly, several designers chose to steer their collections in such a direction (special reference to my LV tribal shoe post)

Just looking at this post, i feel “at home” I think it’s because she’s “adorned” rather than accessorized, and the photo quality is manipulated to look like vintage African photography. I like how the model is as strong as the garment too, it’s exaggerated, but plausible, and definitely wearable in my opinion.