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New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 Calender

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Well it’s finally here!

New York is about witness another blitz of Runway shows, street style super stars ( I use that loosely), presentations, parties, after parties, and after after parties.Yes, its Fashion Week and I have the schedule here for all you crashers, photogs, and aspiring visionaries alike. I think the most exciting thing about Fashion Week for me, is the carelessness of it all, so to speak. Aside from Halloween, it’s one of two times a year that you can dress up like a moody, cross gender bending, space cadet and have your image immortalized by Tommy Ton or The Sartorialist. People tap into the eccentricity that is underlying within them, and present it for the world to see, during the years most fabulous events. I mean you can’t wear a Givenchy leather kilt, and carry a Pashli Satchel to the office everyday (talking to the guys) so it really does become a festival of free will, individuality, and pure creative alchemy.

So go forth New York in all of your splendor and chicness, the French will never take us seriously if we don’t STEP IT UP!

See you at Lincoln Center!


Luminoso Uomo Affascinante!

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Be bold..

By Tommy Ton for Milan Fashion Week 2012

The Collective

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Tommy Ton is probably one of the best street fashion photographers in the world, and what better place to capture his amazing images than Paris during Fashion Week 2011. These are a few of my favorites via and sometimes I catch myself fawning over the images and just imagining myself there, amongst all the beauty that is Paris and the women that live/work there. Sometimes I think…”These women aren’t real, they are too amazing!”