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Scott Schuman

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Photography is a great hobby of mine that I am only beginning to scratch the surface of. One type of photography I truly love is Fashion Photography, and who knows that better than our Daily Honoree, Scott Schuman. The former showroom owner and Valentino Marketer, is the creator of the ridiculously popular fashion blog, The Sartorialist, which gets roughly over 120,000 hits a day. His photography of street style is amazing, he seems to always have the best lighting, awesome locations, and the coolest people. Scott is now currently the author of his very own book titled what else, “The Sartorialist”, and has also shot ad campaigns for DNKY as well as covered runway shows and photography for


Art Of The Sartorialist

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If you haven’t yet made The Sartorialist one of your daily views, favorites, obsessions, wtva;  I suggest you begin to embark upon that journey.


Images from The Sartorialist