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Sewn From The Soul

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In honor of Black History Month, myself and 6 of my good friends embarked on a journey to create an homage to our great Black leaders and forefathers, We fused our individual styles, personalities and charisma together to develop something truly awe-inspiring. Ladies and Gentlemen without further ado, we proudly present you with…..”Sewn From The Soul”

The process of making this all come together with Alejandro Perez and all the great guys, was truly an experience I will never forget. The poise, elegance and character that these gentlemen posses is of such I have never witnessed. Working with them was an amazing opportunity to bring our talents together and create something truly lasting.

This charming young fellow here is Jeremiah, nephew of Joshua Kissi, this little guy is the future. He is only 5 years old, yet has the style and grace of a grown man. The little guy was a pleasure to work with, he seemed to enjoy the process of being in front of the camera too!

Now what can’t be said about Mr Josh Kissi and Mr Travis Gumbs? These two are the masterminds behind the mega powerhouse blog, Street Etiquette. Working with these individuals prior to our shoot, I amassed a sense of exactly who these brothers are, and that is genuine. They are kind and intelligent beyond measure and working with them for our shoot was a life changing moment. Cheers to you guys!

Rinaldy Laguerre, James Jean, and Joe-Kenneth Museau are a group of fellows that I was honored to have met this year. Working with all of them prior, they are without a doubt men of true style and elegance. They all brought their individual styles and flavors to the shoot, and made it an experience that was worth the while.

Click Here For The Full \”Sewn From The Soul\” Online Editorial

Click Here For The Behind The Scenes Video

Click on the photos to expand them.

I would like to take this time to give thanks where it is most definitely due..

Major special thanks to Alejandro Perezfor taking the time from being one of New Yorks best photographers to shoot our online editorial. He is a true talent and without him we most certainly would not have “Sewn From The Soul”

Next Joshua Kissi, and Travis Gumbs. Working with you guys was a great moment for me and I will definitely cherish it forever. You guys have a true grasp on who you are as individuals and you will make it so very far in this industry…thank you. Next, Rinaldy Laguerre, Joe-Kenneth Museau, James Jean and young Mr Jeremiah. You guys made the shoot what is what….Epic (shout out to Josh for the “Epic”!) You guys all brought a level of swagger and charisma that will be remembered.

Thank you all for making this a life changing moment for me.

Peace & Love Brothers…..



Behind The Scenes With Street Etiquette

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Last weekend I ran into Trav and Josh from Street Etiquette while they were shooting for their Duffle Coat post in SoHo. I decided to tag along with them while they were shooting, here are some of my shots from behind the scenes.

Behind The Scenes Of “Genesis Of Style” @ The BKc

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Being an extra in Elizabeth Lippman’s movie “Last Seen Wearing” was a true honor, but it very small compared to me being asked to join in the Street Etiquette video “Genesis Of Style”. It was truly an honor to meet so many dapper brothers who have a true focus on personal style. The portion of the video in which I was able to be in was shot about 2 weeks ago in Soho by the amazing photographer,TONE. The guys over at Street Etiquette are great people and so are their friends that I was honored to have met. We ended the day at the Brooklyn Circus store and these are a few shots I took. (sorry some of them are a bit fuzzy)  Enjoy..

It was a great moment to see so many African-American brothers looking so dapper and holding stimulating conversations about style, art and the world around us. I was so honored to have been apart of something so special.

Special thanks to Josh and Trav at Street Etiquette, K.John Lasoul at His Photographic Mindset, Rahmier at Fresh Since 1991 and James over at The Mod Revival, and to the great gentlemen over at The The Brooklyn Circus.


Here are some additional shots I took while we were shooting “Genesis Of Style” in SoHo. The pics show the guys being casual and classic, all the guys have really great style. It was a great time we had shooting, even though it was bitterly cold! lol Enjoy…



The I.F.B Dress Up Soiree

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On Monday the 14th I kicked of my fashion festivities with attending the IFB(Independent Fashion Bloggers) Dress Up Soiree, held on the Lower East Side. This was IFB’s second New York Fashion Week event and my first, it was a huge turnout! I literally stood on line for 30 minutes before making my way into the event! Once inside there was a discussion panel about basic blogger topics, like getting more traffic and uploading media and links to your blog. The panel consisted of Susie Bubble from Style Bubble, Gala Darling, Wendy Brandes, Danny Roberts, Jessica from What I Wore, Geri Hirsch from Because Im Addicted, Helen Zhu from Chictopia, and Crosby Noricks  from Pr Couture, to name a few, there were so many! The event was the creation of Jennine Tamm of The Coveted who is also the creator of IFB.  Most of the bloggers I had never met before, but I did hang out with Josh and Trav from Street Etiquette  and met the guys of Fine And Dandy Shop. The event was an awesome way for me to network and meet other bloggers who shared the same passion as me….fashion. I passed out many cards and met some way cool people. Here are some pics courtesy of Fatlace.

All of the bloggers!

Enrique Crame of Fine And Dandy Shop

Enrique Crame of Fine And Dandy Shop

Hey there is me!

Hey there is me!

The jumbo screen showing photos of all the bloggers & their sites

The jumbo screen showing photos of all the bloggers & their sites

Me again in back of Jennine of The Coveted / The Fine And Dandy Shop guys

Me again in back of Jennine of The Coveted / The Fine And Dandy Shop guys

 Thanks to Yoshi of Fatlace for the pics!