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The Smoothest Operator

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These are images from an amazing photographer whose work I have just been introduced to. Her name is Sharon Jane and she hails from the Netherlands, and her work speaks volumes, so listen with your eyes. This shoot was inspired by the timeless songbird and one of my all time favorite musical artist, Sade. The model who was chosen bares an uncanny resemblance to the singer, and the pony tail was a smart touch. I love this, and I cant wait to discover more of Sharon’s work.

Feel No Pain

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“Momma’s been laid off. Poppa’s been laid off”

This song speaks volumes today just as it did in 1992.

Kiss Of Life

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Inspiration of the 90’s

No Ordinary Love

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Sade – “Soldier of Love”

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The voice is back, Sade has returned to us from more than a decade long hiatus with the highly anticipated album “Soldier of Love” Her velvety smooth sounds mixed with her paralyzing beauty is yet another reminder of raw talent, unlike today’s overrated music of synthesizers and lip synching. I have been awaiting for her next album for 2 years now, and finally it will be released by Sony on February 8th to a swarm of loyal followers.

Viva la Sade!