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The GQ Collections: Autumn/Winter 2011

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The creme de la creme of men’s fashion. Please #TakeNotes

Photographer: Guzman
Stylist: Jo Levin
Models: Bradley (Select); Dewi (Select); Chris Doe; Maximilian Parsons; Nick Wilson; Pete Bolton; Sam Webb; Tafari Hinds


Ivy League Prep

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Preppy 1The return of the preppy look has had a strong  revival in the new year. The once “Ralph Lauren-esque” look of privileged Ivy League rich kids, has had a revamping in 2009. Oxfords in new, modern shapes and colors, knit striped socks (Happy Socks Post), fitted woven shirts and of course Boat shoes, all have begun to creep there way back into our closets. Most reserve the look for the snooty “New England” types, but new twists and greater imaginations, have transformed this once elite trend into a mainstream cult classic. Myself included, will admit to adopting the look, fitted slacks, nautical pattern ties, knitted socks, cardigans with crest logo’s and khaki shorts, are all stock piled in my wardrobe arsenal. The look is a classic, which helps unleash your inner poindexter.


Preppy 2

Preppy 3

Preppy 4

Preppy 5

Images from the New York Times


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Burberry - Double-Breasted Jacquard Coat   Burberry

    Dolce & Gabbana

Ralph Lauren Black Label - Victoria Trench Ralph Lauren Black Label

 Diane von Furstenberg

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