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A Love Letter From Ms Wise

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Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to my immensely talented cousin Ms Alyesha Wise. Please listen to her words, and the conclusion you come up with is only yours to keep.

She is a legend in the making.

Love you my dear!

“Motives and Thoughts”

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While searching through YouTube, I came across a poem that Lauryn Hill read on Def Poetry Jam.  This was by far the best poem I’ve ever heard in my whole life. Moreover; I am not saying this because I love, and acknowledge Lauryn Hill as an amazing artist, but because she did an excellent job, and deserves a shout out… So not to prolong this any longer I give you “Motives and Thoughts”. By: Lauryn Hill

Lauryne Hill

Motives And Thoughts

Rotating bodies, confusion of sound
Negative imagery, holding us down
Social delusion, clearly constructed
Human condition, morals corrupted
Trapped in reaction, lawlessness war
Dissatisfaction from bowels to core
Devil’s technology, strategy for
Human mythologies, urban folklore
Sick of psychology, counterfeit cure
Wicked theology, robbing the poor
Scheme demonology mislead the pure
Strictly strategically studying war
Light shown in darkness, image exposed
Few can see through the new emperor’s clothes
Lustful this hustle turn humans to hoes
When the blind lead the blind
Just more trouble and woes
It’s the mind that they chose
Its designed to stay closed
Standard of jokers, court just a logic
Sick looking cosmics, from schoolyards to college
Primitive man with civilize knowledge
System collapse and he still won’t acknowledge
God is the saviour, studies behavior
Trying to fix the mix mind that he gave ya
Stiff-necked scholars on prescription meds
Wishing their problems were all in their heads
Morale dilemma, pride is the root
Misguided from youth, heart divided from truth
Egyptians and Grecians, spiritually dead
Imperially led, by the gods in their heads
Motives and thoughts
Industrial wealth
Global economy, in it for self
Heart full of madness, covered with kind
Pleasure designed to take over your mind
Furnished in godliness, painted in good
This tainted priesthood got real saints misunderstood
While classes in government, set up the veil
And cultivate minds for more mythical tales
Typical Hollywood follies good girl
While vice and corruption take over the world
Motives and thoughts
Check your motives and thoughts
Blind with the wickedness, deep in your heart
Modern day wickedness is all you’ve been taught
Lied to your neighbors, so you get ahead
Modern day trickery is all you’ve been fed
Motives and thoughts
Check your motives and thoughts.

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Truly yours,  Aboubacar Ballo!

Letter From The Editor: Simplicity

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The effects of things that are simple, minimal and austere has greatly impacted my life. The simple things in life seem to attract me to them, a single rose, an all white painted room, clouds, a lake, they are all beautiful in there design. I believe that simplicity is more elegant that anything elaborate and complicated. Simplicity is true beauty.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

-Leonardo da Vinci