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T.B.N Interviews: Andrea Warmington

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“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” -Albert Einstein

Greetings! Its been sometime since my last T.B.N feature with the Master Jeweler & Sculptor, Mr. Wallace Chan, and I felt that it was time for some new material!

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Andrea Warmington, a very talented Creative Director in the Beauty & Fashion industries by way of London, England. She discusses her passion for creativity, design, art and how she achieved her dreams in the overly saturated melting pot that is Manhattan.

TBN: Let’s begin with your background, where did you grow up? When did you decide that moving to New York was something you wanted to do?

A.W: I grew up in London England, I came to New York to go to Art school, The School of Visual Arts. I was always into art and design. I loved drawing. My sister was going to Parsons in New York. I was really inspired by her doing what she loved, which was fashion designing. So I decided to apply to art school.

I didn’t think I would have a career in the arts. I was really into computer science in a strange way. I loved that aspect of writing code and getting into the technical side of the computer system. But I had a passion for art and acted upon it. After art school the first job I got was senior designer at Harper Collins, designing book covers. I must say I felt like I was in a dream the first 6 months. I was doing what I loved to do… Designing… Designing books. A book cover to me was like designing a mini poster. Loved the process and how every book cover tells a story, working with the typography illustrations, photography and just being experimental.I did that for a year and wanted to try something new.

I got hired at McCann Erickson as a junior art director working on L’Oreal. It was great, fast passed, and a new creative challenge, beauty advertising. I did that for a year and shortly after that worked for Condé Nast where I freelance for a few years, for Mademoiselle and then Vanity Fair magazines. I loved working there and it really allowed me to work on some fun special projects. I was working on project invites and advertorial pages, and it was always fresh and new. I stayed there for a few years.  I really was ready for a change. And change was working at Ericsson Fina, a beauty boutique ad agency which was a part of Grey New York. I worked on Covergirl as an Art Director to Creative Director where I worked on campaigns with Taylor Swift, Queen Latifah, and Janelle Monáe to mention a few. I worked with a number of amazing photographers and directors, models hair and makeup teams. I loved it!

Janelle Monae for Covergirl

TBN: What was your “Ah ha” moment? ( I borrowed this question from one my idols, Oprah) When did your calling speak to you?

A.W: I think that working at Ericsson Fina was a great “Ah Ha” moment because we pitched a beauty and hair campaign and we won the account. It was a great experience. We were a small creative team of say 8-10 and it was like working with your family. Really supportive, really creative and a good creative challenge.

TBN: As a Creative Director, is there a specific medium that you enjoy working in more than others such as photographic print campaigns vs. digital or television work? What’s the least favorite part of what you do, is there one?

A.W: I really love photography and film. I love the process of coming up with a creative campaign for a brand, the research and development and crafting of that campaign and then producing the final concept. I love the story telling aspect. I love how a photo alone can tell the story without words.

I love the idea of tapping into ones emotions…

I’m not sure if there’s a least favorite aspect of what I do. I have to think about that…

TBN: You work with what I assume to be large groups of talented individuals such as Photographers, Hairstylist’s, Makeup Artist, etc. Do you find it difficult to align on one common vision for a project?

A.W: I’ve worked with Pat McGrath an amazing British and Black makeup artist, Photographer Tom Munro, Micheal Tompson, Dan Jackson, some really amazing creative guys who have worked on some major editorial stories and advertising campaigns. I must say they are all so collaborative and creative. I love working with a team of experts who do what they do best, I have my vision, but it’s just the foundation. Working with a strong team is key and you must be flexible. I don’t like to work with drama queens because the end of the day we are all putting our names on the final product i.e ad campaign or editorial story.

TBN: Did you always envision that you would have a career in this field of work?

A.W: No… I really wanted to be a systems analyst. Can you believe that?!

TBN: This may be a bit of a touchy subject, but do you think that we’ve made collective progress in the availability of jobs within the Fashion Industry for people of color?

A.W: Wow… I’m black and was born in the UK. I remember working at Saatchi & Saatchi in the UK and I was the only black creative person in the building. I would say things have changed a lot over the years. I can talk for the beauty business which is somewhat similar to the fashion business. I do think I’ve had much opportunity to work in the Beauty business both here in the US and in Europe and Asia. It could be timing, but I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work were I’ve worked.


TBN: Where do you see your career trajectory within the next 3-5 years? What goals do have on your list, and what advice would you give to readers on how to pursue and manifest their own dreams?

A.W: James that’s a good question. I really love the creative field. I really would love to strive to create work that not only inspires and educates people in some way, but touches you emotionally and in a positive uplifting way. So I’m keeping it open so I can explore new opportunities that will allow me to do this. My new creative challenge now is working for a start up magazine that bridges all the experience I’ve gained over the years. This magazine is a celebrity lifestyle publication that gives you exclusive stories and keeps you current with beauty, fashion, trends, with a European twist. The magazine is in both Spanish and English. I was brought on to take this European Tabloid magazine to the next level in the US market. Check it out on a newsstand near you, Hola! (Made in the USA)

TBN: Lastly Andrea, how has this journey been for you thus far? What has been the most interesting part for you, and what has been the most challenging?

A.W: It’s been a great journey…

I think that things are changing in the industry. I started out in the industry where you were an expert in your field i.e: Beauty. Now it seems that we are all experts. The internet has changed the industry and how consumer are involved in the process. Now you can create your own Youtube commercial and have thousands of people watching it from all around the world… that’s pretty major. From online Youtube videos to digital magazines, Instagram, Facebook, these are all creative tools to express yourself.

Andrea Warmington

Main Site


I would like to give a big sincere thanks to Andrea for taking the time to chat with me for The Black Nouveau!

It has been a wonderful insight into the exciting world of Creative Art Direction.



The Smoothest Operator

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These are images from an amazing photographer whose work I have just been introduced to. Her name is Sharon Jane and she hails from the Netherlands, and her work speaks volumes, so listen with your eyes. This shoot was inspired by the timeless songbird and one of my all time favorite musical artist, Sade. The model who was chosen bares an uncanny resemblance to the singer, and the pony tail was a smart touch. I love this, and I cant wait to discover more of Sharon’s work.

Sergio + James Series 14: Special Guest Shawn Walker

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Hey guys we are back on the now famous orange couch to chat with our special guest, Shawn Walker. Photographer, funny man, and all around great guy, Shawn was a fantastic guest! We discuss his photography, goals and dreams of making it in the big city.



Sergio + James: Home Alone

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Hey guys! So we know that we have been M.I.A for a bit, but we are back with this little teaser before we launch our special Series 10 Video. We composed this little slide show of us just playing around at home, and added to it us talking about what inspires us in the world. PLEASE stay tuned for when we launch Series 10. Its going to be great…


The Dance In The Dark

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This is what you get when you mix Moose-Hunters, Runway Wonderland  and The Black Nouveau together…#Greatness in its purest form.

Photos courtesy of Curtis Bryant


T.B.N Interviews: Kadeem Johnson

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“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” – Aaron Siskind (American Photographer 1903-1991) 

The many genres of creative expression are boundless, but one field has great interest to me and that is Photography. Capturing the essence of life, freezing time for that one moment is a feeling that is truly everlasting. Inspiration comes from many things and one of them for me is the work photographers produce. Today T.B.N Interviews the young photographer Kadeem Johnson of “K.John_LaSoul“, and discuss’ the talent, goals, and views on photography and art of the Bronx, New York native.  


T.B.N: So Kadeem or if I may “K.John_LaSoul”, (is that a nickname?)  You are the sole editor and contributor of “K.John_LaSoul“, a blog created by which showcase’s your photography. How has the blog been coming along since it’s conception? Are you getting positive feedback on your work? 

Kadeem: Well K.John_LaSoul is a self-given nickname. I have other childhood nicknames that I try to forget now. Haha. But it started off as my twitter name and branched off to my blog title simply because I liked the way it flowed. The blog has been going really well man. I was really reluctant in starting one but I was speaking with my boy Josh from Street Etiquette and he talked me into doing it. That was about four months ago. Ever since then it’s been all good. I’ve been receiving great feedback. Nothing negative…YET. 

T.B.N: When did you first realize your passion for photography? Did something or someone trigger an inspirational spark? 

Kadeem: Photography has always been a great interest of mine. I realized my true passion for it when I began taking self portraits of myself and shots of my cousin Yaasmiin, who’s a painter. We began selling our work on the streets of SoHo, which was a pretty good hustle. I realized that it was something I love when onlookers would stop and just stare at my photos. So yea, my cousin and those individuals’ kind words triggered an inspirational spark.

T.B.N: Prior to your blog, I came across your work on, and majority of your work was photographs of your personal style. How do you describe your style? Does your photography take direction from it?, and how do you relate the two? What are your favorite things to shoot?

Kadeem: I don’t really know how to describe my style honestly. I guess I can call it afro-grunge haha. I don’t really put much thought into what I wear.  My photography does not really take much from my style, but from photographs that I have seen from other photographers. I look at a lot of street style blogs and get inspiration from those images that I see. My favorite things to shoot are people. I love the beauty that people give and that I capture through my lens.

T.B.N: Creativity and artistry is something that I hold in high regard, what do you hope your photographs convey to people? What do you
want people to feel when they look at your work?

Kadeem: Well I do not really talk much. I’m a really quiet individual so I try to express myself through the pictures that I take. Photography has become a great outlet for me to express myself without words. I want people to feel what I feel when I take my pictures along with feeling whatever they want to feel as well. Positive or negative it doesn’t matter. I just want people to feel something. 

T.B.N: In 5 years time, where do you hope to be? How do you think your work will progress? What is your ultimate career goal?

Kadeem: In 5 years hmmm. I hope to be living comfortably. I don’t want to be rich, but just satisfied. With any individual’s talent or hobby it progresses. So I see my work possibly being sold and displayed in different places. My ultimate career goal is to scout, develop, manage and market high fashion /editorial models. When I tell people that they are always surprised because it’s something that they will never think of me doing as a career. I have always been captivated by the beauties that walk the runway and bring life to editorials. Hopefully I can incorporate my photography into that career as well. 

The Black Nouveau would like to thank Kadeem Johnson for his time.

Visit K.John_LaSoul for more info.

By: James Field

Behind The Scenes: Sewn From The Soul

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The Sewn From The Soul shoot was without a doubt a memorable experience for myself and all the great people involved. It captured the essence of our individual styles and meshed them together to create a beautiful story. Here are some of my candid, behind the scenes photos that I took during the shoot….enjoy.