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“Weavers” x 3.1 Phillip Lim

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The Fall 2011 Menswear collection of 3.1 Phillip Lim was among one my absolute favorites, as you can see from all my gushing about it here. The brand has just launched a short film on to accompany the collection entitled “Weavers” and as Mr Lim explains “It’s just three strangers going about their day.”  “They cross paths, and feel a kindred spirit because of the way they dress.” The film was shot in Palm Springs in abandoned shopping malls and parking lots, to create a graphic and austere environment for the Phillip Lim man to roam free. I find this film to be an awesome way to expose the collection and emphasize the construction, clean lines and beautiful tailoring of the individual pieces. Lim explains the idea behind his client as he states “We’re always trying to get a mental picture of the man we’re designing for,” he says. “But he’s a little bit of a mystery; we only get glances. This film is our attempt to capture that experience of seeing someone in snatches.”

Images & video courtesy of 3.1 Phillip Lim


Sergio + James Series 1

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Hello world! I want to show you something that is very special to me and will hopefully be special to you as well. This is the introduction video to my youtube series with Sergio Wonder of RunwayWonderland. It is our 1st series of many and I hope you all will be down for the ride! Without further ado, The Black Nouveau is proud to present….Sergio + James Series 1.

3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2010 Men’s Collection: The Urban Explorer

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Being raised in a mountainous environment for most of my youth, I know a thing or two about hunting and exploration of the outdoors. But the adventurer’s that Phillip Lim created for the Fall 2010 Men’s Collection was that of complete coolness and urban sophistication. No duck boots or plaid wool overall here, no no, this was all about fit, cut, and some serious boots and leather accessories. Majority of the coats were belted and were on track with this seasons military trend. The collection boasts some serious pieces that are awesome for Fall 2010. Here are my favorites courtesy of Fashionising.

Double Trouble

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3.1 Phillip Lim Double Breasted Knit Blazer

3.1 Phillip Lim Double Breasted Knit Blazer

Current Obsession

Topic: Fashion’s Night Out

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I am so excited for Fashion’s Night Out in New York City on September 10th! I will be making my way around the city’s participating retailers, sipping cocktails, checking out collections and just having some much needed Fashion Fun! Anyone and everyone is invited and no RSVP’s are neede, so  check out Fashion Night Out for the official list of designers and retailers participating in the event. Below is the official information on the event from the Fashion’s Night Out website. I will be there..will you?!


“In a global initiative to promote retail, restore consumer confidence, and celebrate fashion, U.S. and international editions of Vogue are coordinating evening extravaganzas in their respective world fashion capitals.

In the United States, American Vogue has joined with NYC & Company, the City of New York, and the Council of Fashion Designers of America to enliven again the consumer spirit that churns the economy and boosts the local industry of America’s fashion capital, New York City. Next only to finance, fashion is the second-largest sector of industry in New York City—the headquarters of more than 800 fashion companies employing 175,000 people and generating $10 billion in total wages. At City Hall’s May 20 press conference to announce Fashion’s Night Out, Vera Wang said, “To put it bluntly, if people don’t shop, people lose their jobs.”

The first evening of New York Fashion Week, Fashion’s Night Out will encompass festivities galore— from inventive window displays to model and celebrity appearances. Champagne may flow; hors d’oeuvres may be passed. Rumors of musical performances, downtown barbecues, shoe capsules, limited-edition rings, and sweepstakes abound. Apparently there will be makeovers, brow bars, and haircut stations at sundry spots, too.

We’ve invited every fashion retailer across the five boroughs to encourage the fun of fashion again—flagships, tiny boutiques, massive department stores, young designers, mainstream chains, and niche luxury names alike—by keeping its doors open late on the evening of September 10 and to implement creative customer experiences welcoming all. Over 700 retailers and designers across New York City are confirmed participants in Fashion’s Night Out.

On Fashion’s Night Out, every participating location is open to anyone and everyone. Neither tickets nor invitations are required to join in the Fashion’s Night Out festivities.”


 UPDATE: Fashion’s Night Out was an absolute extravaganza of fun with, celebrities and crazy amounts of champagne lol 🙂 I met up with a few friends and we made our way around 5th Avenue to check out some of the events, Ciara was performing at Versace and we got to see the super model Chanel Iman. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen were at Bergdorff Goodman, we didnt get to see them because of the crazy amount of people who packed the store. We snapped some shots at the Armani store and the Prada boutique.

On the steps in the Armani Boutique

On the steps in the Armani Boutique

At the Armani Boutique

At the Armani Boutique

Inside the Prada Boutique

Inside the Prada Boutique

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, I used my camera phone which totally sucks! But the overall night was amazing and so enchanting, had a total blast!!