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Honma Golf 2013 Promotional Campaign x OWN Magazine New York

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This is short promotional video that was commissioned by Japanese Golf company, Honma by OWN Magazine. We shot all around New York City with a incredible team of people and finished the day on the roof of a private residence in the Chelsea area.

Some behind the scenes photos are below, stay tuned for more OWN Magazine collaborations.

Chelsea Penthouse Roof

Kota (My Editor and dear friend)

Thank you so much to:

Model______________________Andrew Banks
Stylist______________________Shala Rothenberg
Visual Effect_________________Akinori Yamanaka
Director of Photography________Philipp Wolter
Director&Editor_______________Kaname Hatano
Art Director&Producer__________Kota Kuramoto
Stylist Assistant_______________Shonna Williams
Special Thanks_______________Taro Ohtsuki, Jonathan Pozniak, James Field, Erina Abe, Nobu Ouchi


New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 Through My Eyes.

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So New York Fashion week is now over, another week of  shows, appointments, parties and social events have come and gone. This year was exceptionally special for me because it was the first season that I was sent on assignment to cover shows for my OWN Magazine team. Though the list of shows I attended was not at all long, it still was a memorable week that will surely linger with me until the February shows. So I have compiled a few photos of how fashion week 2013 was seen through my eyes, sorry for the poor photo quality lol

General Idea S/S 2013

General Idea was one of the first shows I hit up, featuring some amazing accessories such as those wonderful backpacks and shoes. The plaids, beanies, bright colors and shorts with socks, totally was on par for the shows title “The Last Lumberjack”.

GQ Magazine x Bally Event

The GQ event hosted by Bally was the ultimate in the gentlemen’s social event. Held at the Nordstrom pop up on West Broadway, the drinks flowed (and I drank lol) Good times, awesome style and ping-pong was the vibe and I totally enjoyed every minute of it!

Shade of Grey by Micah Cohen S/S 2013

Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen was another great presentation consisting of that cool “skater” kid vibe. Full of bright prints, cargo pocketed blazers and interesting knits and woven’s for the fall months ahead. I didn’t stay too long but from what I gathered, athletic wear and comfort seemed to the be the aesthetic.

Macroons and Bellini’s @ The Tribeca Grand

So….this photo is pretty self-explanatory. I needed some indulgence and the Tribeca Grand totally delivered with these simply incredible macaroons! #DELISH


Rad Hourani S/S 13

The ultra futurism was exactly what I thrived on at the Rad Hourani show. With Kate Lanphear and countless other editors front row it was a show not to be missed. I love simplicity and minimalism, and Rad always knows how to deliver just that. The cuts were incredible and I was surprised by his color palette this season which included a beautiful soft shade of purple for the menswear. Overall it was pretty…well Rad!


Meet my Panther.

So if you don’t know by now I have a thing for interesting jewelry, and on route to an event held at the Standard Hotel I wore my vintage panther brooch. It always makes me feel that extra bit of nostalgia, and the fact that it blinds people at night because it’s so sparkly always helps too! lol

Noon by Noor S/S 13

I totally got a 70’s vibe from the designers at Noon by Noor. Consisting of slinky silk ensembles, amazing embellishments and a beautiful color pallet of gold, cream and soft pinks, it was a hit! This was the first season I experienced with this brand and I will be sure to check it out further. Wonderful job!


Phillip Lim S/S 13

And last but certainly not the least, one of my fashion hero’s Phillip Lim sent out a high-octane collection inspired by the notion of “Cut It Up” including some pretty bad ass gladiator sandals, amazing leather accessories with gold coatings and a beautiful array of floral prints. It was held at the huge post office on 8th avenue across from Madison Square Garden, and the turn out was amazing! Every important editor was there and countless celebs too, it was a laid back approach to dressing for women this season and It was among my favorites of the week.


So all in all New York Fashion Week S/S 2013 was full of exciting shows and parties, and now we move forward to London (which I plan on attending next year) to watch in admiration as the brits deliver what they do best.


Thank you all for reading and I’ll see ya next season!







The OWN Channel Vol. 1

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So just when I thought working at OWN Magazine was great, it only got better! We have so many creative outlets that we are in the works of relaunching, like this dope You Tube channel called OWN.Ch The first volume showcases some amazing Japanese talent and features some sick street scenes of local, cool fashion people just being, well cool! The channel is in the process of being revamped by us, so stay tuned for more, and enjoy!

Photo by Derek Kettela courtesy of OWN Magazine Annex .01 Issue