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The Polaroid Story x The League

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Hey guys, so Curtis Bryant, myself and Sergio Wonder had a little impromptu photo shoot in my living room this morning. We called it “The Polaroid Story” and I think its a great representation of us just having fun, and also showing you some of our favorite things we like to wear for Winter. Tell us what you think!

 The League strikes again..


Sergio+James: Sergio’s Birthday!!

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This is a very special Sergio + James video that was shot yesterday and features Sergio and special guest Curtis Bryant as they prepare for a CRAZY night of fun. Sadly I wasnt home to join in the video, but I met up with these guys and a whole entourage of our friends for dinner at Juliet and later we danced the night away at Griffin. ENJOY!

Here are some photos of the night via Curtis Bryant.

The Dollies x Curtis Bryant

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Last Tuesday I got a call from Curtis Bryant that he would be shooting these outrageously beautiful twin models named Sasha & Sable Boykin, down in Battery Park. Being the avid #League2010 member that I am, I rushed downtown immediately to meet Curtis and fellow #League2010 member Sergio Wonder. I was introduced to the girls, and was totally awe-struck to say the least, they are a rare breed, and their beauty was paralyzing. They informed us that they needed Curtis to shoot some promo shots of them for a possible signage to a Modeling Agency here in New York. So with that info in mind, we knew we had to rock this shoot! The girls were so natural, Sergio and I didn’t even have to do much styling, they pulled outfits galore out of the tiny bags they carried (mark of true models) complete with makeup and accessories. Actually Sergio and I were playing in the children’s playground until we realized we had to help Curtis, lol #oops! But, below are some of my favorite shots from the day with the girls in sequential order.

*Inside Fact* – The title of the shoot “The Dollies”  was taken from the word “Dalai” and the buddhist monks who you see in those vibrant orange robes. Genius no?…ah that Curtis Bryant is a master of play on words, ie  “Moose-Hunters” of “Muse-Hunters”, yeah get into it! 

Models: Sasha & Sable Boykin

Stylists: Sergio Wonder and James Field

Photographer: Curtis Bryant

Special thanks to Curtis Bryant of Moose-Hunters, Sergio Wonder of Runway Wonderland and of course our beautiful models Sasha & Sable Boykin.

#TheLeague strikes again!


The Fields Wear Ties x Curtis Bryant

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So this past Tuesday my good friend and fellow #League member Curtis Bryant of Moose-Hunters, wanted to use my apt for a photo shoot. Circumstances arose and his model had to cancel, so randomly I was the substitute! We went over to a beautiful street in my neighborhood of Harlem and shot some amazing photos! Here are some of my personal favorites..enjoy!

Big thanks to Curtis Bryant for his time and his amazing photos!

Visit Moose-Hunters for more of Curtis and his work.


The Dance In The Dark

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This is what you get when you mix Moose-Hunters, Runway Wonderland  and The Black Nouveau together…#Greatness in its purest form.

Photos courtesy of Curtis Bryant