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Nouveau Spotlight: Sergio Wonder Fall/Winter 2016 Menswear Presentation

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Last weekend in Brooklyn I experienced a wonderful presentation of menswear for Fall 2016, by a very special designer.

Mr. Sergio Wonder, my former design partner on the highly successful and innovative custom-made jewelry and accessories line  “Sergio + James” debuted his second consecutive clothing presentation among 5  other designers, in a showcase curated by our good friend Curtis Bryant.

Sergio’s aesthetic stems from his incredibly deep and complex love for Fashion, and the art of presentation on the human form. When we worked on the design concepts for Sergio + James, I was continuously awed and dazzled by his love of fabric selection, research, and of course the design process itself.

This collection showcased for Fall 2016 revealed both an expert attention to detail and a touch of urban sophistication in the form of tailored cotton bomber jackets with hand worked knit detailing, to tapered black & white cotton checked-pattered pants worn under a black knit tee topped off by a black cotton collar & button-less jacket.

Two of my favorite looks. Fifty Shades of Chic is the vibe here.

Two of my favorite looks. Fifty Shades of Chic was the vibe here.

The main idea presented in  Sergio’s collection is a simple concept of utility and wearability, so often lost in independent designers so set in the conviction of bold statement pieces to garner press. He achieves this soft yet modern take on classic looks with various pocket details, pleated shorts, and 4 pocket trousers that create a uniformity to the collection. The more whimsical pieces like the bomber jackets, grey knit and jersey sleeve crew neck pull overs and long sleeve black & white jumpsuit, with pleats are fresh and modern urban chic silhouettes that are right on par with the current “revolution” as its been described of new, different and exciting shapes in menswear.

Form & Function displayed in the balance menswear presentation at Sergio Wonder Fall 2016

Form & Function presented in the balance menswear presentation at Sergio Wonder Fall 2016.

This color scheme of mostly black, white, and grey is simple yet incredibly powerful in its ability to reveal Sergio’s tailoring skills. Custom hand worked jewelry to jumpsuits and bomber jackets, his talent has without a doubt sharpened with time and it was an honor to witness the wonderful expression of said skills.


The black cotton and knit zip bomber jacket that I absolutely fell in love with, paired with black cropped pants featuring a black side leg stripe.



Sergio with two of the shows models.


The entire presentation was quite poetic and fresh, and a well received display of tailoring, craftsmanship and passion by a very talented young artist.

Sergio’s collection was debuted during Brooklyn Fashion Week 2016, which seemed to magnetically attract a colorful and fabulously unique flock of artist, designers, makeup and hair stylists, musicians and the like to Bushwick last Saturday afternoon. There was even a reunion with one of our most passionate patrons to our former jewelry collection, Mr. Michael Ibidapo who wore his custom-made black & white, “Jo” necklaces backstage and posed for a photo with myself and Sergio.

James Field, Michael Ibidapo & Sergio Wonder, after the presentation of the Fall 2016 Menswear collection.

James Field, Michael Ibidapo & Sergio Wonder, after the presentation of the Fall 2016 Menswear collection.


Sergio Wonder’s collection of Ready to Wear is available exclusively at

Also be sure to follow him via his Tumblr page and on Instagram  and Snapchat at: SergioWndr


A special thanks and Congratulations to our good friend Curtis Bryant who curated the 6 show designer showcase, doing a wonderful job of getting such great talent together and it was a pleasure to see Sergio and everyone that attended for gathering of superb young talent.





T.B.N Interviews: Jordan Anthony Swain

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The world of modeling these days has truly become a thriving, yet struggling industry all at once. Many models are finding themselves being replaced by hangers, as more designers are opting to use in-house exhibitions instead of runway shows. Today T.B.N Interviews male model Jordan Anthony Swain about his struggles in the industry, his inspirations, and what pushes him to continue in the cut throat world of fashion modeling. 


T.B.N– So, Jordan, welcome to The Black Nouveau! We are so happy to interview you. So you’re a male model, where are you based? 

Jordan Thanks for having me. Yes, I am a male model and National Educational Speaker to the Boys and Girls Clubs, and like organizations. I am based out of Los Angeles. 
T.B.N- How long have you been modeling? What was your inspiration to make this type of career choice?
Jordan I’ve been modeling for almost a year now. I kind of fell into it unintentionally. The possibilities of being a model always interested me. When I got more serious about it, and more drawn to the industry as a whole, I recall friends telling me there was no way I could ever be a model, so it died there. Then, Senior year, I showed up to my Medical Careers class I was taking, and my teachers quickly told me to go to Commercial Design down the hall, and that I was requested to model for a student’s final project. The experience of a photo shoot was exhilarating. Ultimately those photos were used as a Campaign, across the state of Massachusetts for the Department of Public Health in coalition with the Department of Education.
T.B.N- Where are you from originally? Did you always feel that you had the “Modeling gene” ?
Jordan I was born and raised in the mega University City of Cambridge, Massachusetts, with Ivy League Schools such as Harvard and MIT. Cambridge borders Boston, and is separated only by the Charles River.Honestly, growing up, I was told I was handsome by my grandmother, and family friends, which I always thought was a gesture of kindness. Friends always looked at me as the nerdy popular tall kid, who was going to be a Doctor someday. I didn’t know girls found me attractive until my best friends girlfriend told me in 8th grade “You are very good-looking, Jordan”.

T.B.N- Being a model these days is very hard, especially in this economy when more designers are opting to use less and less of models, what do you think the hardest part of it all is for you? 

Jordan Yes, the modeling industry is cut throat, and rigorous. My first manager always told me “There will always be someone out there, more better looking than you, more handsome than you, with a better body than you…”. In the world of Fashion, males were always paid less than their female counterparts, there are even less jobs for male models. For me, the hardest part is wanting to seize the best opportunity possible, that could lead to the next job. For instance, if I take a job for 2 weeks in Northern California, I could be limiting myself to the possibilities of more work, in Los Angeles or New York etc.  

T.B.N- Any inspirational role models that you look up to?
Jordan– Yes, my role models are drawn from many backgrounds, experiences and professions. Some of my biggest role models are Michael Jackson, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Lauryn Hill, Bruce Hulse, and Janet Jackson to name a select few.

T.B.N- Where do you see yourself in 5 years time, what is your ultimate career goal? 

Jordan- Within the next five years, I would love to see myself doing what I am now doing in the fashion/ entertainment industry, only on a much larger scale. I would also be very excited to continue to give back to the community, and continue speaking to youth on teen issues, and empowerment seminars. Ultimately, I would love to see myself doing what makes me happy. 

The Black Nouveau would like to thank Jordan Anthony Swain for his time. 

Check out Jordan on Facebook, and Twitter

James Field 






The Dollies x Curtis Bryant

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Last Tuesday I got a call from Curtis Bryant that he would be shooting these outrageously beautiful twin models named Sasha & Sable Boykin, down in Battery Park. Being the avid #League2010 member that I am, I rushed downtown immediately to meet Curtis and fellow #League2010 member Sergio Wonder. I was introduced to the girls, and was totally awe-struck to say the least, they are a rare breed, and their beauty was paralyzing. They informed us that they needed Curtis to shoot some promo shots of them for a possible signage to a Modeling Agency here in New York. So with that info in mind, we knew we had to rock this shoot! The girls were so natural, Sergio and I didn’t even have to do much styling, they pulled outfits galore out of the tiny bags they carried (mark of true models) complete with makeup and accessories. Actually Sergio and I were playing in the children’s playground until we realized we had to help Curtis, lol #oops! But, below are some of my favorite shots from the day with the girls in sequential order.

*Inside Fact* – The title of the shoot “The Dollies”  was taken from the word “Dalai” and the buddhist monks who you see in those vibrant orange robes. Genius no?…ah that Curtis Bryant is a master of play on words, ie  “Moose-Hunters” of “Muse-Hunters”, yeah get into it! 

Models: Sasha & Sable Boykin

Stylists: Sergio Wonder and James Field

Photographer: Curtis Bryant

Special thanks to Curtis Bryant of Moose-Hunters, Sergio Wonder of Runway Wonderland and of course our beautiful models Sasha & Sable Boykin.

#TheLeague strikes again!


“Nothing Thrills Us Anymore”

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Shades of Beauty

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Great women of color, beauty, grace and elegance.

My Mother

My Mother

Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet

Alek Wek

Alek Wek

Dorthy Dandridge

Dorthy Dandridge

Heather Headley

Heather Headley