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J.W Anderson Fall 2009

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Rapidly growing as one of London’s most creative and innovative designers, J.W.Anderson is making waves in the fashion world. I recently discovered his Fall 2009 Collection Look Book, and it was simply beautiful. I had never seen such attention to detail, unique blends of fabric, and new, refreshing silhouettes for men. Literally the collection is a work of art, and I have truly become inspired by it. I believe this Irish-American designer will continue to grow and grace us all with new ideas in the genre of men’s fashion. Here are a few looks from his Fall 2009 Look Book…

J.W.Anderson Fall 2009 Look 1

J.W.Anderson Fall 2009 Look 2

J.W.Anderson Fall 2009 Look 3

J.W.Anderson Fall 2009 Look 4

J.W.Anderson Fall 2009 Look 5

J.W.Anderson Fall 2009 Look 6

J.W.Anderson Fall 2009 Look 7

J.W.Anderson Fall 2009 Look 8

J.W.Anderson Fall 2009 Look 9

J.W.Anderson Fall 2009 Look 10


Classics Never Die

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Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2006

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2006

Elements of Sophistication

Wardrobe Essentials:

  • Silk Bow Tie
  • Double Breasted (fitted) blazer
  • Shawl Collar Dinner Jacket
  • Silk Pocket Square
  • Cashmere turtleneck sweater
  • Crisp white dress shirt
  • Tailored trousers (black or grey goes with anything)
  • Classic trench coat
  • Wingtip Oxfords (preferable British-Made)

Bow Tie Affair

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Some NEW YORK TIMES writer stated in the ThursdayStyles section, “the bow tie is back, redeemed from nerdiness.” No doubt, men don’t get a lot of accessories, and, if we mistreat the ones we do have, we end up looking like….well….nerds. But it’s become an acceptable silhouette in menswear.
Post Chris Brown’s Kiss-Kiss portrayal, The bow tie is now “subtle” neckwear, arguably brought back and perfected by Andre 3000, a notable menswear icon. But….I have to ask….Is it just a trendy accessory or is it an acceptable addition to the blazer?
I mean, there’s no doubt, with the right FIT (because menswear is nothing else but good proportion and tailoring), it can cherry-top any suit jacket + denim combo. Of course black-tie is always acceptable, but
D&G gone bow tie.