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Colors of Mood

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I love this editorial for the way the colors pop against this sleek darkness. Very moody, but vivid. #DigginIT

Gabriel Gronvik shot by Nicolas Valois

 For the latest issue of METAL

A Toast For The Miller Brothers

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I belive that it is very rare that people can come into your life and influence everything about you and ultimately craft you into a better person. But I can say that it has happen to me and the people who are responsible for this are two gentlemen that I hold in high regard, not just as businessmen but as mentors and role models. Derrick & Kirk Miller are two brothers and co-owners of the bespoke men’s shoe label Barker Black in New York’s Nolita neighborhood. When I moved to New York in 2007 they gave me my first job as their assistant. I cannot even describe how much they taught me about personal style, business practices and confidence. The two men are pillars of success and grace and they showed me that I too can achieve greatness. Working in their office on Crosby street and assisting in the Elizabeth street shop, I learned something that I will never forget and that is humility. The amount of success and recognition the two have amassed never once went to their ego’s and they have always remained poised and humble in the face of such recognition. When I left the Miller brothers after 1 year as their apprentice, I applied the knowledge that I amassed to become the person I am today. The world they have crafted is of such high quality and precision, it makes it hard not to accept all the beauty that Barker Black the brand  has to offer.

Derrick and Kirk also introduced me to personal style and the world of tailoring. Prior to working with them I had no formal suit, they gave me one and showed me how to blend colors and patterns together to create a unique look everyday. I never owned a pair of formal dress shoes, they gave me (a few pairs) and showed me how to have my pants tailored to show off the shoes and keep them clean and well maintained. They showed me many things about running a business as well. I accompanied them on many meetings and took countless notes which I hope to apply to my own brand (Sergio + James) for I know what they have taught me is priceless. Along with Barker Black, which has grown tremendously in the past few years, Kirk has ventured off into his own avenue of business and has launched Millers Oath. A bespoke mens clothing label situated in a quaint shop in the West village. I was so proud and happy to see what Kirk has created this past year with the launch of his label and I know that it will do so very well.

Made to Measure and with prices starting at $3,000, the shop is open by appointment only and features “conservative clothing with a twist” says Kirk. The brothers know all to well about “twist” as their logo for Barker Black is a skull and cross-bones which they incorporate in everything from their ties to the hardware on the shoes. They are truly my idols and I know that Sergio Wonder and I will make them proud with our brand. They have been like ultra stylish godfathers to me and I thank them so much for what they have taught me.

Here is a toast to you both.

Thanks guys.


Check out Barker Black  for more information & Millers Oath at 510 Greenwich Street, New York


The Art Of DE x Adrien Sauvage

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So I recently just discovered the work of an amazing new designer by the name of Adrien Sauvage. Stylist turned menswear designer, his work was recently expressed in a short video called “The Art Of DE” the DE is in reference to “Dress Easy”. The film was narrated by Larry Lamb as was completely fantastic. Sauvage hails from Ghana, and currently designs in London. His exquisitely tailored suits are numerically named (collection is from 000-1 to 000-11) and are absolutely beautiful. Using notable fashion and pop culture icons as models for his debut collection, he has made a definately splash in the menswear market. Displayed below are suits from his current collection, and also the short film “The Art Of DE”.


The Crest

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Barker Black

3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2010 Men’s Collection: The Urban Explorer

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Being raised in a mountainous environment for most of my youth, I know a thing or two about hunting and exploration of the outdoors. But the adventurer’s that Phillip Lim created for the Fall 2010 Men’s Collection was that of complete coolness and urban sophistication. No duck boots or plaid wool overall here, no no, this was all about fit, cut, and some serious boots and leather accessories. Majority of the coats were belted and were on track with this seasons military trend. The collection boasts some serious pieces that are awesome for Fall 2010. Here are my favorites courtesy of Fashionising.

ODEUR Spring 2010 Men’s Collection: Light

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The summer is a time when you really don’t want to wear anything dark, heavy, or sweat causing. I on the other hand hate summer, and have yet to find a medium in how I dress. I believe the key to surviving the hot summer months is thinking “Light”, that is relevant to both color and material selections. The Swedish label, ODEUR Men’s Spring 2010 Collection is entitled “light” and has some of the coolest (literally) hooded and extra big shirts that drape away from the body to allow for movement and air to circulate. The use of light cottons is so great for the sweltering months ahead, and I really think I will take some pointers from this collection and trickle them into my own wardrobe for summer. Of course I don’t have the chest or arms of our straping European model here (yet) but this collection definitely fits right up my alley for this summer. Enjoy courtesy of Must

Tom Ford Spring 2010 Men’s Collection: Summer Sophistication

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Spring & Summer, the seasons of vivid color, carefree attitudes and..oh yes the Tom Ford Spring 2010 Collection. Gentlemen this is how its done, cool clean woven shirts, sleek fitted blazers in the lightest linens, silks and cottons, covered in glorious paisley prints, paired with crisp cotton slim trousers, and finished with a pair of  “you betta not step on my $5,ooo” crocodile loafers. Yes!, most certainly Mr Ford has knocked this collection out of the park and right down to the Hotel De Paris in Monte Carlo. Luxury, class and sophistication, the Tom Ford man. Here are some of my favorite looks courtesy of Uristocrat.