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Sergio + James Series 18

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Hey everyone! We are back and in full effect! In this episode of Sergio + James we were a little more serious in how we recorded,  simply because we wanted to express to you all how much of an amazing time we have been having here in New York. From our amazing photo shoots with Nigel Hosang and J.D Forte to our good friend Tiffanie from Paris staying with us for 10 days, its been a rollercoaster of fun! We hope you enjoy and continue to watch!

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Sergio + James

Sergio + James: Behind The Lens

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Saturday, July 31st  was the night magic was made in Soho. This video is a behind the scenes look at our photo shoot with the amazingly talented photographer, J.D Forte . The shoot was meant to capture the essence of Sergio + James, which includes the designers, the friends, the goof balls, and the business men that we are. We really hope that you like it, because we LOVE it! Tell us what you think and drop us an email at

Special thanks go to Zachary & Caitlin! You guys were major and we love you dearly.

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