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The Pursuit of Immortality

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“I want to be a living work of art” –  The Marchesa Luisa Casati

Thom Browne

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In the world of Mens Fashion there are few designers who can be called true genius’ for their designs. Mr Thom Browne is among that few. He is the American designer of the label which bares his name,  and was named GQ Designer of the Year in 2008, and also won the prestigious CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year Award in March of 2006. Thom Browne’s design aesthetic is classic, his suits are composed of flat front pants with exposed ankles and a jacket that concludes mid-wrist and doesn’t cover the backside. They almost always have three buttons, narrow lapels rolled to the middle button, side vents, and trouser without belt loops.

 Thom Browne is without a doubt my favorite menswear designer, and he holds a somewhat special place in my repertoire. When I worked as the assistant to New York based, Bespoke mens shoe designers Derrick and Kirk Miller of the Barker Black label, I gained a great interest in Thom Browne. Mainly because his label was started by himself and Kirk Miller (of Barker Black) and Kirk would tell me how he helped Thom launch his brand, and he would almost always come into work with a Thom Browne jacket or trousers. And thats how I became interested in the genius of Thom Browne and his beautifully made suits, that gave men a new silhouette of dressing, a true throw back to the 1950’s. Also just recently, after a long day at work I was strolling down 5th Avenue and who was walking just ahead of me in a navy blue well fitted suit, was non other than the man himself, as you can imagine my excitement got the best of me and I almost ran right into him! But he was very gracious and kind and could tell I was a die-hard fan, I shook his hand and told him how much of an inspiration he is and how exceptional his work is. It was one of the best moments I could ever ask for.

 Mr Thom Browne, we at The Black Nouveau salute you.

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Recurring Realization: Tracee Ellis Ross’ hair is______

fill in the blank.   Sorry, had to do a second post on this woman and her amazing natural hair.  Catch is, she does it herself, always.   

Here is her hair care regimen:

“I wash my hair once a week. I use a couple different shampoos. Once a month, I use the Aveda Shampure and at the same time I’ll also rinse with the Rene Furterer Vinegar Rinse. But if you don’t want to spend that much you can use apple cider vinegar and cut it with water. Your hair will shine, but you can’t use it all the time because it will dry your hair out. On a regular basis, I use the Gold Wells Conditioning Shampoo. On a weekly basis, one of my beauty secrets is that I steam. I go to one of the Korean day spas. I fill my hair up with Gold Well Kerasilk Conditioner-that conditioner is fantastic for conditioning hair under a heating cap, which I do if I can’t get into a steam room. With the Kerasilk, your hair will not curl up. My hair gets so soft that it doesn’t curl up, so I have to use another conditioner. The other is very expensive but you get a lot for your money. It’s called Hair Mayonnaise. It is a growth enhancer. It’s an organic company. It comes in a big tube. It’s a really good deep conditioner. Then, when I want my best hair I’ll use Denman D-4 brush or the salon industrial heavy brush. I am an advocate of Denman brushes. It is a rubber brush. The older it gets the better because it has gotten softer. I also use the Cherry Almond Burnt Conditioner by Aveda. I mix with a little of the Deep Penetrating Conditioning from Aveda for the smell. And, I separate my hair into six sections in order to brush it out. So, I don’t break my hair. And you start from the bottom. The way your mom taught you. I do this in the shower. I put more conditioner in my hair, shake my hair so my curls can find each other, and take my hair up with a big clip. Leave it in for a while, then, I turn off all the hot water and turn up the cold water. Put the cold water on low pressure because the high pressure will break up all the curls that just found each other. The low pressure cold water keeps it shiny and keeps the curl.”


Carine Roitfeld

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Carine RoitfeldToday’s Daily Honor goes to probably one of the most powerful, stylish, and simply awe-inspiring women in fashion…Carine Roitfeld. Editor-in-chief of French Vogue, Roitfeld is the epitome of french luxe and power. Most link her with a (never publicly stated) feud with American Vogue editor Anna Wintour. At 50 years young, Roitfeld is always a bar above today’s fashion, with access to Balmain, Christian Louboutin, Dior, and countless others, why not be? Her work at French Vogue has solidified her place as one of fashions greatest icons, she exudes strength, power, grace, sex appeal, and most of all she is proud to be a women who commands so much attention. Carine Roitfeld gets out Daily Honor because she ROCKS!