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Nouveau Spotlight: Sheryl Jones

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“The pressure that creates a diamond is often like the pressure from life’s obstacles, and that pressure helps us to grow.” – Sheryl Jones

I recently discovered the Sheryl Jones brand on where else, social media. I happen to follow on Instagram a wonderful organization named the BADA (Black Accessory Designers Alliance) that highlights, promotes and showcases emerging Black talent. After attending one of their events for the first time last year, I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Sheryl who was displaying a wide range of her dazzling wears. I didn’t have much time to speak with her as the event garnered quite a lot of guests and Sheryl, the consummate business woman met each and every one with style and a refreshing grace. After a quick chat, we mutually agreed on a later date to speak about her jewelry line, and the inspiring story of how she created it.

Sheryl Jones began her journey into fine jewelry in 1999, after working as a publicist in the entertainment and film industry and later as a Vice President of Communications with MTV.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Honeycomb Ring

“I have always been passionate about fine gemstones transformative power and beauty, and dreamed of one day bringing music’s similar vitality to a fine jewelry collection of my own” -Sheryl Jones

Her designs truly possess a vitality and brilliance that encompasses classic and traditional styles, with a modern twist, and a close attention to detail and quality. Take for example the Fancy Yellow Diamond Honeycomb ring, a piece that I was privileged enough to view up close and in person when I met with Sheryl for coffee last week. “Look closely, there are pave set diamonds underneath!” she proclaimed, as I eagerly examined every inch of the exquisite ring.

I began our chat at the beginning, and what it was like to be one of the only women of color working in the formidable world of the 47th street Diamond District, or “The Street” to those in the business. She gave me some of the best advice I could have received, and that is “People will always try to get you off your game. Don’t let them.” She described being almost shunned by her male counter parts. However, this did not deter her and she studied and developed her knowledge of Gemology and worked as an apprentice for one of Belgium’s finest diamond manufactures and after just a few short years, moved on to become a supervisor of diamond production for an American manufacturer.

Sheryl emphasized to me the importance of this time when she apprenticed, researched, practiced and honed in on her passion. The information that is gained from the internships, informational interviews, and networking is truly invaluable for the developing designer and entrepreneurs. Sheryl holds a Graduate Diamonds Degree from the illustrious Gemological Institute of America, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan.

Since launching in 2002, Sheryl has carved out a true niche for herself in the jewelry industry. Her work is at times bold, ethereal, and utterly classic. Such as the glittering suite of Emeralds worn for a performance by R&B singer Andra Day at this year’s 2018 Academy Awards.

I am awed by Sheryl to say the very least, she is a true inspiration and motivation for my own creative aspirations. Being a female of color, on the level that she has reached is a testament to her inner strength and motivation, and that with perseverance, determination, and bit of imagination, you can become absolutely anything you want in life!

Thank you Sheryl for the time, it was my sincere pleasure!

For more on Sheryl Jones visit

Images via Sheryl Jones & WhoWhatWoreDaily


Nouveau Spotlight: Sergio Wonder Fall/Winter 2016 Menswear Presentation

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Last weekend in Brooklyn I experienced a wonderful presentation of menswear for Fall 2016, by a very special designer.

Mr. Sergio Wonder, my former design partner on the highly successful and innovative custom-made jewelry and accessories line  “Sergio + James” debuted his second consecutive clothing presentation among 5  other designers, in a showcase curated by our good friend Curtis Bryant.

Sergio’s aesthetic stems from his incredibly deep and complex love for Fashion, and the art of presentation on the human form. When we worked on the design concepts for Sergio + James, I was continuously awed and dazzled by his love of fabric selection, research, and of course the design process itself.

This collection showcased for Fall 2016 revealed both an expert attention to detail and a touch of urban sophistication in the form of tailored cotton bomber jackets with hand worked knit detailing, to tapered black & white cotton checked-pattered pants worn under a black knit tee topped off by a black cotton collar & button-less jacket.

Two of my favorite looks. Fifty Shades of Chic is the vibe here.

Two of my favorite looks. Fifty Shades of Chic was the vibe here.

The main idea presented in  Sergio’s collection is a simple concept of utility and wearability, so often lost in independent designers so set in the conviction of bold statement pieces to garner press. He achieves this soft yet modern take on classic looks with various pocket details, pleated shorts, and 4 pocket trousers that create a uniformity to the collection. The more whimsical pieces like the bomber jackets, grey knit and jersey sleeve crew neck pull overs and long sleeve black & white jumpsuit, with pleats are fresh and modern urban chic silhouettes that are right on par with the current “revolution” as its been described of new, different and exciting shapes in menswear.

Form & Function displayed in the balance menswear presentation at Sergio Wonder Fall 2016

Form & Function presented in the balance menswear presentation at Sergio Wonder Fall 2016.

This color scheme of mostly black, white, and grey is simple yet incredibly powerful in its ability to reveal Sergio’s tailoring skills. Custom hand worked jewelry to jumpsuits and bomber jackets, his talent has without a doubt sharpened with time and it was an honor to witness the wonderful expression of said skills.


The black cotton and knit zip bomber jacket that I absolutely fell in love with, paired with black cropped pants featuring a black side leg stripe.



Sergio with two of the shows models.


The entire presentation was quite poetic and fresh, and a well received display of tailoring, craftsmanship and passion by a very talented young artist.

Sergio’s collection was debuted during Brooklyn Fashion Week 2016, which seemed to magnetically attract a colorful and fabulously unique flock of artist, designers, makeup and hair stylists, musicians and the like to Bushwick last Saturday afternoon. There was even a reunion with one of our most passionate patrons to our former jewelry collection, Mr. Michael Ibidapo who wore his custom-made black & white, “Jo” necklaces backstage and posed for a photo with myself and Sergio.

James Field, Michael Ibidapo & Sergio Wonder, after the presentation of the Fall 2016 Menswear collection.

James Field, Michael Ibidapo & Sergio Wonder, after the presentation of the Fall 2016 Menswear collection.


Sergio Wonder’s collection of Ready to Wear is available exclusively at

Also be sure to follow him via his Tumblr page and on Instagram  and Snapchat at: SergioWndr


A special thanks and Congratulations to our good friend Curtis Bryant who curated the 6 show designer showcase, doing a wonderful job of getting such great talent together and it was a pleasure to see Sergio and everyone that attended for gathering of superb young talent.




Sergio + James x N.J.A.L

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Sergio James is now represented on Not Just Another Label (NJAL) Check out our designer profile HERE.

Stay tuned!

T.B.N Interviews: David Jon Acosta

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The passion, drive and tenacity of young talent is truly inspirational. I love to meet young musicians, designer and artist who have a true identity and are working hard to accomplish their dreams. The Black Nouveau interviews David Jon Acosta of on his cool designs, being a Miami native and the goals of this new young talent.

David Jon Acosta / Designer of Gold Saturn

David Jon Acosta / Designer of Gold Saturn

 T.B.N: So David, what inspired you to create Gold Saturn?

 David: Well it was an accident. I was working at a 9-5 and found myself bored all the time. I began doodling on Photoshop and created a few graphics I thought would be sick on a T-shirt. That’s how it all started…

T.B.N: Your Tee designs are so whimsical and fun, what was your favorite creation and why?

David: My favorite creation is… it’s so hard! It’s like asking a mother to choose her favorite child. The “Prescription for Peace” is definitely my claim to fame.

T.B.N: You’re based out of Miami, America’s sexiest city, what is the Gold Saturn customer like?

David: The Gold Saturn customer is the kind of girl or guy that you see across the room and you want to get to know. My T-shirts are definitely conversation starters, and they are not for the wall flower.

T.B.N: What do you love about fashion?

David: I love the art of it. I love graphic designs and I love fashion even more, so I think that Gold Saturn is the perfect mesh of the two worlds that I adore.

T.B.N: Are you originally from Miami?

David: I was born in New Jersey and moved here when I was very young. I love Jersey but its like R&B music, I like it but I don’t want to be around it.

T.B.N: At only 24 years old, you have such a head start on becoming a successful designer, what are some of your goals in the near future?

David: I am not easily satisfied. I want my T-shirt’s on the cover a magazine. I want Gold Saturn to be available at Barneys. And I want an Olsen twin in one of my T-shirts. Until then I’m completely unsatisfied.

T.B.N: Do you see more items such as pants, jackets, dresses etc, evolving from your Gold Saturn label?

David: Yes definitely. I just started doing dresses. I’ve always done headpieces. I would love to branch out and do tote bags, beach towels, rompers, jumpsuits, hoodies, and little pouches to store your marijuana. I know what kids my age need.

T.B.N: Finally, what do you hope to accomplish with your Gold Star brand?

David: Everything.

The Black Nouveau sincerely thanks David Jon Acosta for his time.

By: James Field / The Black Nouveau

Check out David’s latest Collections at

The Karl Lagerfeld Ken Doll

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Karl Kagerfeld Doll by Mattel 

Mr. Lagerfeld has really outdone himself this time, (literally) the designer was spoted carring aroung the miniture version of himself at Colette’s opening of the Barbie 50th Anniversary exhibit in Paris.