Starting Over Isn’t Scary

Its been sometime now since I have had the time to do some blog posts on TBN, but I just wanted to share some thoughts tonight.

The past few months for me have been filled with excitement, confusion, disappointment and a small bit of fear. But I was raised to be tough, maybe not physically but for damn sure mentally. I realized that it was time for me to put priorities in perspective and understand that life is incredibly sweet and filled with many chances to be something great.

Add to the fact that I am the oldest of four siblings and I am their role model, so failure is NOT an option for me. I want my little brothers and sister to understand that yes, you will encounter obstacle courses in life, but never giving up is the sweetest reward.

So with that, this is a NEW year, and a NEW me indeed and I am working to make sure that this year will be a learning experience for me as I am sure that it will be. Learning is always important to me and I hope that it will be for you as well…in all aspects of life.

Stay focused.


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