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T by Alexander Wang Spring 2013 x Bon Qui Qui

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Its been reported that there has been a steady decline in customer-service and who know’s more about customer service than Alexander Wang?

The incredibly talented MAD Tv actress Anjelah Johnson’s character Bon Qui Qui is hired at Alexander Wang store and serves up the rudeness to unsuspecting tres chic clients such as Alessandra Ambrosio, Simon Doonan, and Mr A$AP Rocky. I thought it was very witty way to promote the store (even though the service there is pretty, well snobbish lets be honest) as well as bring some laughter and fun back into the swing of things.


RUDE! lol



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Its almost here! New York Fashion Week is kicking off in less than two weeks and I can feel the excitement rising. For the most part, I hope the great names we love and covet bring us just that, EXCITEMENT back into fashion. With all that has happen within the fashion world thus far, most notably the arrival of Raf Simmons at Dior and Alexander Wang now at the helm of Balenciaga people are on edge for whats to come.

Excited for the most part to be inspired again and see what people will be talking about this season.

Kenzo Menswear Fall 2013

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Thank you Kenzo! Ah yes, who better than to deliver the coolness to the fellas this season than Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. Right down from the heavens it seems too have been sent, as the inspiration of the collection were mythical sky gods and goddesses. Spun from the constant images of the sky via traveling on planes as the duo are bi coastal with the Kenzo brand these days.

The collection was full of amazing could prints, sleek fitted trousers and incredible coats in deep shades purple, black and blue. “When we were thinking about these warriors and goddesses, they were all kind of powerful feeling, and the shapes gave us that,” says co-designer Humberto Leon, and that aspect is certainly achieved with the powerful rounded shoulders, paired with the crisp straight lines of the trousers. Just as the coats also projected  power evoking presence with the A line shapes and tailoring.

Below are some of the my favorites from the collection from which I loved pretty much every single look. Enjoy!









So just as the clouds blew eye fetchingly across fabrics on Kenzo’s amazing coats, my unrelentingly keen love blew to Florence for this Fall 2013 collection.


Starting Over Isn’t Scary

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Its been sometime now since I have had the time to do some blog posts on TBN, but I just wanted to share some thoughts tonight.

The past few months for me have been filled with excitement, confusion, disappointment and a small bit of fear. But I was raised to be tough, maybe not physically but for damn sure mentally. I realized that it was time for me to put priorities in perspective and understand that life is incredibly sweet and filled with many chances to be something great.

Add to the fact that I am the oldest of four siblings and I am their role model, so failure is NOT an option for me. I want my little brothers and sister to understand that yes, you will encounter obstacle courses in life, but never giving up is the sweetest reward.

So with that, this is a NEW year, and a NEW me indeed and I am working to make sure that this year will be a learning experience for me as I am sure that it will be. Learning is always important to me and I hope that it will be for you as well…in all aspects of life.

Stay focused.