T.B.N Interviews: Tracee Owo Feature x Live Astro New York

Tracee in the “Oh Mickey!” tank by Live Astro

Hey guys, I recently conducted an interview and styled a feature with one of my good pals and up and coming musical artist, Tracee Owo. She is a true creative talent who has impressed me with her intellect, love of music and art and of course her personal style. Check out the full interview below.

T.B.N: Thank you Tracee for being our very first featured artist for Live Astro New York! Please introduce yourself for everyone – where are you from and where do you currently live?

Tracee: Thank you guys for the feature! To put it simply I’m a creative mind. My creativity includes being a vocalist, songwriter, musician, and more. I feel like creativity has no boundaries. I’m also the daughter of hard-working Nigerian parents who are my biggest inspiration. I’m originally from Prince George’s County outside of D.C. but now reside in Brooklyn, NY.

T.B.N: I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you for some time now and I know that you are a very goal-oriented person, what is the most important goal you wish to reach this year?

Tracee: The most important goal for me this year is to reach and make an impact on more people through my music, one person at a time. Only good can come from that!

T.B.N: You’re working on your first EP. Tell us a little more about it and what your process is for creating your music.

I’m working of my first full EP project titled “Upon a Time”! It’s a compilation of songs that each tell us a different story. Stories of determination, love, pain, and redemption. Not all of the stories are a reflection of me or my personal life but they are reflections of people and images we all see in our lives.

When I create it never feels like a process. For me, its more like a “happening.” Waiting for and allowing the right moment to happen and in turn creating something beautiful..

Dress by Polychromatico!. Necklace by Anu Jewelry.

T.B.N: What do you find to be the most difficult and the most simple in the way that you work?

Tracee: It’s funny because I don’t find this to be difficult but a lot of the people I work with, whether it be producers, engineers, graphic designers, etc. have all said the same thing: “You’re very particular, direct, and want things to be perfect… but I like that” Although they say they like it, I know it gets on their nerves sometimes. That’s why I appreciate all of them so much. It can be difficult to be that way at times because it may take a bit longer to get things done..but when it’s right, it’s right. Oddly enough, the most simple part in the way I work is actually recording. I like to over-prepare but it works.

 T.B.N: What are some of your favorite artists, and who’s on your ipod currently?

Tracee: The infamous question that I can never fully answer! I love a range of artists for different reasons, from Blossom Dearie (jazz singer) to MJ to Chaka Khan to Queen to Kanye. Just like my taste buds love different kinds of food, I love different types of music and artists. I think every music enthusiast struggles with this question – Let’s abolish it!

 T.B.N: Your latest single is “Footsteps”. What was the most exciting part about creating it? How may people discover more of your work?

That song is deep on so many levels for me. It actually took the longest to create because I wanted it to be right and evoke the right emotion. The most exciting part about creating it was shooting the music video visuals with Julian Antetomaso (Videographer) and LaShaia Artis (Fashion Designer/Photographer).

We shot all in one day, guerrilla style, at three locations, one being a beach in early September and it was a bit chilly outside that day. But our energy and commitment  was amazing and it shows in our final product.

I’m working on the release another music video for a single off of my EP scheduled to be released this summer which I am UBER excited for! You can watch the current video for “FootSteps” and download the single now via www.TraceeOwo.com. Thank you guys for the feature and thanks to everyone who supports the vision!

Thank you so much to Matt and Tracee for the time and please check out more of Tracee and her craft.

Please visit www.Liveastrony.com to shop all of the looks shown here.

All beaded bracelets by http://www.SergioJames.com

Thanks for reading!


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