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A Love Letter From Ms Wise

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Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to my immensely talented cousin Ms Alyesha Wise. Please listen to her words, and the conclusion you come up with is only yours to keep.

She is a legend in the making.

Love you my dear!

Nouveau Spotlight: Noir Arm Candy x King Ice

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These past few months have really been a growing experience for me in so many ways, especially with my personal style. With influences from 1970’s New York City club goers, to Indian fabric choices and prints, to Japanese tailoring, I really have been evolving. One aspect of my wardrobe that I have taken special interest in are my jewelry selections. Lately I have been piling loads of Sergio James bracelets on my wrist (my armor of sorts) and mixing them with other pieces, including a vintage Moroccan cuff encrusted with precious stones from the 1920’s that I found for $50 bucks downtown. But like all of us, I have a dormant razzle dazzle side, and that is the purpose of todays review. offers a wide array of urban-esque style jewelry and accessories for both men and women, and when I first browsed through I honestly thought it ridiculous that I would even entertain the idea of wearing any of the styles. That was until I discovered their ‘Black Out Series” which included some pretty cool all black pieces that I felt I could easily sneak into my current jewelry rotation. So the good people there sent me over their Icon 6 Row Men’s Black CZ Blackout Bracelet, which I must say has been holding up just brilliantly. 



The appreance is very simple in design, and the structure suits me because of the closures and material use ( love anything black and shiny) and the fit is perfect as well. I find it interesting and in ways refreshing, to have something like this on under a very demure outfit or simple suit, its very unexpected for me. When the peice arrived I wanted to show you all the many ways that I or even you, could wear it. So check out some options below:





So I choose three different ways to wear the one piece, with the first way using loads of my Sergio James pieces with that little pop of red color, works great! Next I would simply just wear the piece on its own with some long sleeve black shirt or blazer, and lastly if you wanted to darken things up a bit, I paired it with some darker SJ pieces. Overall its a very versatile piece and I am so thankful to the wonderful people at for all of their help!

Be sure to check these guys out if your ever in the market for a little sparkle and shine! Hey a little bit never hurt!




Royalty Campaign Project x Mari J Brooklyn

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So about a few months or so ago, my good friend and uber talented New York fashion photographer Mari J Brooklyn introduced me to her good pal Michael Fernandez. Sir Michael which is what he is known by is a successful designer and artist hailing from Baltimore Maryland via Los Angeles, who finally has ended his path here in Gotham and this gentleman is truly making some waves in the music and fashion scene. I had the pleasure of speaking with him and Mari J as they spoke about the launch of Michael’s music project entitled “The Town”, I was immediately drawn in and impressed by his musical style and visual presence. We then participated in a wonderful photo shoot in New York’s Chinatown neighborhood, featuring Michael’s very own clothing brand CULT as well as some kick-ass Mercura Sunglasses and of course jewelry from the Spring 2012 debut collection of yours truly, Sergio James. We were honored to work with Mari, Michael and the incredible male model Ibrahim Baaith, check out the shoot and promotion video below.

The look of the shoot reminded me of some chic swagged out, china town street gang that just so happens to be models! It was a great day and such a pleasure working with the team and I certainly hope to work with them all again very soon.

Be sure to check out Sir Michael Fernandez and stay updated with all of his endeavours!

Sir Michael Fernandez

Mercura Sunglasses

Sergio James Jewelry 

Mari J Brooklyn Photography 

Thank you to all the models at U Model Management and of course the ever talented Mr. Ibrahim Baaith.

Noir For Fall

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Noir For Fall Fall 2012 Mens Footwear Collection

Current Obsession