Damir Doma Fall 2012


It feels so good to get back to doing my fashion post’s for TBN. This year has been a true blessing and so much has happened, but now that we are in a new year what better way to kick it off than some menswear collection reviews?

So I would like to begin with the Damir Doma Fall 2012 collection. This show was such a powerful dose of ethnic influences, luxurious fabrics and some interesting silhouettes. I really have a fond fascination with Damir and his work and I think that he has a real grasp on who his customer is. This season he really presented us with this concept of a nomad, but a nomad who knows exactly where he is going.


The fur was of course my favorite, the heaviness was a great anchor to the more flowing, loose shapes. The overall collection was a great way for me to revive my writing for TBN and please do stay tuned for more!

Thanks for reading!


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