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The Red Set for The Jet Set

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The Red Set for The Jet Set

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Just thought I would refresh your memory, don’t forget to check us out!


Fashion Isn’t Glamorous…Take It From Me.

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Today I thought it necessary to express my feelings and opinions regarding the Fashion Industry. There is always a continuous misconception that fashion is full of vain, arrogant, and always fabulous people, and that may be true to some extent, but for the majority it certainly isn’t.

After moving to New York in the Spring of 2007 I had the naive mentality that many people have when they enter a field that they think they know something about. I quickly learned that there are many people in this industry who look past the glitz and apparent glamour, and have strong goals and ambition to do what they love to do. Then there are the others, and you know who I’m talking about, that always have to attend every party and love to have their photos taken and then bombard the poor bloggers with “Where will this photo be posted?” as if they are so important that god forbid their image is posted on anything but the Sartorialist. To see this with my own two eyes on many occasions made me realize that my place in this world needs to be quite and behind the scenes. If you ever want to know who the real movers and shakers of the Fashion industry are, look behind inconspicuous loft space offices and read the names under every masthead of that magazine you just brought. They rarely leave their work and could careless about attending the latest after-after party and drinking themselves silly. Not to say that there is anything wrong with that, it just shows you that some people actually have goals and dreams and are not hindered by the smoke and mirrors.

One word that I certainly feel that many people do not have in this world is “Ambition” I’ve met countless interns and aspiring something or anothers who just assume that things will fall into their lap and as long as they are “good people” and work hard, and Karma will take care of them. NO!, wake up and go make it happen, if you knew how many people are working toward the same goal as you, you’d most likely give up. But if you don’t APPLY yourself and do what you need to do to excel, you will be defeated in an instant.

I wanted to write this post just to express my frustration, thoughts and feelings toward the image of what most people believe the “Fashion World” to be. This is not to discourage anyone, but always keep a focused vision, have ambition, and always stay humble….it will take you farther than you ever dreamed.

I believe it, and I’m just like you.


Sergio James: Miami

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Hi guys!

I am so excited to be back on The Black Nouveau doing what I do best, which is blogging stuff for YOU! So these past few months have just been filled with so many ups and downs, and one of those ups was a short but fun-filled business trip to Miami. We hit the MIA in the hopes of finding some cool shops to carry our brand, knocked out some photo shoots and had a few business meetings. But it wasn’t all work, we did have a chance to enjoy the beach and some amazing art.

Please check out the video and be sure to send your feedback to us at

Thanks! Stay tuned for more.

Damir Doma Fall 2012

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It feels so good to get back to doing my fashion post’s for TBN. This year has been a true blessing and so much has happened, but now that we are in a new year what better way to kick it off than some menswear collection reviews?

So I would like to begin with the Damir Doma Fall 2012 collection. This show was such a powerful dose of ethnic influences, luxurious fabrics and some interesting silhouettes. I really have a fond fascination with Damir and his work and I think that he has a real grasp on who his customer is. This season he really presented us with this concept of a nomad, but a nomad who knows exactly where he is going.


The fur was of course my favorite, the heaviness was a great anchor to the more flowing, loose shapes. The overall collection was a great way for me to revive my writing for TBN and please do stay tuned for more!

Thanks for reading!