Nouveau Spotlight: The Deco Revival x Zona 67

The world of jewelry design has certainly taken a leap towards the future these days. With more designers creating collections that are reflective of the world soon to be, while simultaneously paying homage to the classical structure and old world skill of a time long gone. One brand that I have had the pleasure of discovering lately that encompasses this style of design is called Zona 67. Designed by Fiammetta Vanelli, the work she creates is beyond awe-inspiring and refreshing. Blending precious Italian marble and galvanized metal chains in brass, gunmetal and copper , she create a beautiful balance of soft and hard while paying true attention to detail. The shapes are my favorite, which feature strong Art Deco references and styles such as starbursts and geometric patterns. Mined from a quarry that has been in the Italian design families for generations, the name of the brand is taken from this aspect. The actual quarry is called Zone 67, which is where all the marble is extracted. I felt this was very interesting and important, and creates a feeling of lineage and authenticity when a Zona 67 piece is worn. Speaking of the pieces, below are some of my favorites from the collection..

The craftsmanship and skill are obviously there as you can see they are very beautiful, and I feel many of them could be unisex but that of course depends on the wearer. With all the designing and production done in Italy this is truly an authentic and original brand, and Fiammetta Vanelli certainly should be proud of the work she has done thus far. Ottimo lavoro!

Check out for more information.

Special thanks go to Serena Carrossino of Zona 67.


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