We Are One Collection x Glenn J. Dodd

When we first introduced you all to New York based designer Glenn J. Dodd of FAG Designs, it was on our 13th episode of Sergio + James. Since that time Glenn has really flourished tremendously as an artist and has launched his full collection of accessories. His newest collection entitled “We Are One” features exquisitely hand crafted, Africa shaped brooches. Colorful and vibrant, with  hand applied flowers & glass, they are absolutely beautiful pieces and I am proud to say that I am an owner of one. I truly believe Glenn is on a bright and blazing path and he already has built a wonderful following for his work. Below you will find some of my favorite brooches from the We Are One collection…enjoy!

Current Obsessions

Visit Glenn and check out FAG Designs for more information, all pieces are available for sale on Etsy.

Header photo by Marguerite Seger @ http://marguerite.se/

Featured model: Shannon Christian


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