Love Letter To My Enemies

Dearest Foes,


I hope this finds you well, and I hope you read very carefully.

You played the role of the self-righteous youth so well when we first met, so dignified and proud of your cultural diversity and education accomplishments. You made me believe that you would join us in the pursuit of success, but you deceive well do you not? Parading around to be so pious, but you fail to understand we are cut from two different cloths. For I come from strength and  wisdom, and you come from fantasy and dreams. I find you to be weak, and I wont allow your poison to enter my realm of creativity and tranquility. But I do love one thing about you, actually I revel in it. I find it mesmerizing how my actions and statements cause you such discomfort and worry, they cause you pain do they not? I watch as you wrap yourself in a shroud of my “companions” but you don’t even know the trap you are slipping into. This place is vicious and love will not always protect you, sometimes things will grow dark. I also am saddened, yet pleased to watch you fall blindly, not knowing the truth of your so-called “prized find” of love. I will watch it destroy you, and I will watch it consume you. I only wish for you to remain aware of your surroundings, watch carefully and observe my shadow for that is all you will ever see of me. I could not care less how my words effects you, in fact I would hope that you learn from them. Learn to be cautious, for you shall never be my equal. You once wished me luck on my future endeavors and goals, and I thank you. That must have been your attempt to be the “dedicated” one, no?….how silly you are. For your words are like dust, floating by me, around me, and over me and ultimately being scattered to the winds. So heed my words and listen carefully,  for they say never to burn bridges, but  I think I have learned to take that risk in your special circumstance. Learn as much as you can while you remain in this circle of “peers” you hold in such high regard,  for they plot against you.

Au revoir ennemi!





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