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Beauty of The Dark

Posted in Art Nouveau on June 30, 2011 by James Field

Abtei im Eichwald (Caspar David Friedrich, 1810, oil on canvas)

I’m starting to fall in love with art from the Romanticism era. This is one of my favorites. The beauty is in the gloom and dark nature the painting evokes.


Sublime Romanticism

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Songzio Spring 2012…..

2 Hearts

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“You want the moon, but you’ve got the sun”

Dior Homme Spring 2012

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Is very hard to believe, but I was a little disappointed in this seasons Menswear collections from both Milan and Paris. I felt as though there was not enough originality and innovation, it all seemed a bit lukewarm. I am also shocked that this season Phillip Lim didn’t steal my heart as my favorite, instead I give that honor to Mr Kris Van Assche at Dior Homme. I wasn’t blow away, but I did enjoy the aesthetic he went for. I loved the use of primarily dark colors, and the tension he created with the white and tan hues that accompanied them. The modernity and stark nature of the shapes were definitely a plus, and I also was pleased to see new shapes in blazer cuts and pant silhouettes. I also thought the leather work was brilliant along with the accessories, but I was not impressed with the hats. They reminded me too much of the Siki Im, Amish style hats from last season. Overall it was a smartly executed meditation on simplicity, well that’s what I drew from it anyway. Take a look at some of my top pick from the collection:

Dior Homme

Floral Inspirations

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Japanese cherry blossoms spark such creative insight for me. They are so enchanting.