J. Papa Fall 2011 Women’s Collection

New York is truly the breeding ground for fresh, exciting and new talent in all fields of the arts. It is so refreshing to witness new designers, musicians, painters, and artist alike flourish and create things that are beautiful, as beauty is such an important thing in this dark world we live in. In New York I feel the Fashion world in particular is giving birth to bright new artist at a rate that is truly unprecedented, and I would like to introduce you to one designer that is among them.

Back in February in the mist of New York Fashion Week, I attended a small presentation in Brooklyn with a few friends of mine. The collection was dubbed J.Papa by an up and coming designer by the name of Jillian Papa, the collection consisted of only a few looks but I was impressed to say the least. Jillian studied fashion design at Pratt University and has begun to embark on her journey as a one of fashions latest creative talents. I had the pleasure of meeting Jillian whose personality and passion certainly shines through her work, and viewing the pieces up close inspired me to introduce you all to her Fall 2011 Collection.

The collection boast’s a carefree attitude and nonchalance that is truly Brooklyn. I envision Jillian’s pieces being worn by the hipster and fashion forward crowd alike, as it appeals to both ends of the spectrum. One of my favorite aspects is the peculiar print she incorporated in the collection. To the untrained eye they appear to be flowers printed on chiffon, but they are actually beetles connected together to create the pattern. Aspects such as these create a whimsical and fun aesthetic to her clothing and I do feel Jillian will go a long way as her brand evolves. I certainly wish the best for her, and who knows maybe a Sergio James x J. Papa collaboration could be a avenue of interest in the future?

Best of luck Jillian!

Check out Jillian’s Fall 2011 Accessories Collection on Etsy.com.

Press and Sales inquires please contact J.papadesign@gmail.com


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