Introducing: A Hofmann

Mother always said “first impressions are lasting” and that philosophy would most certainly be applied to the launch of a jewelry line, right? So without further ado I would like to introduce A Hofmann, the line is designed by Editor in Chief of  OWN Magazine Kota Kuramoto and his wife Nobu. The line of exquisite high-end cameo style rings are brilliantly hand crafted of sterling silver and rose gold, 14 karat gold and even subtle black diamonds.

A.HOFMANN 14 karat Yellow Gold with Black Diamond Face Ring

The style of the made-to-order rings are quite whimsical and fun, featuring handmade cameo platings of Albert Einstein, Mozart and Slavador Dali, surrounded by black diamonds.  I am so very happy and proud to introduce the line to you all and I know it will do quite well. Many of you may not know, Kota was a successfully store owner and designer in New Yorks Lower East Side, before launching OWN Magazine, his style and  creative touch will certainly break through in the high-end jewelry market, I mean c’mon were talking black diamonds here!

Good luck Kota!

A Hofmann x Kota Kuramoto


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