The Tim Hamilton Fall 2011 Presentation

Undoubtedly my favorite menswear designer, Tim Hamilton pulled out all the stops this season, showcasing not only the Redux collection but also the mens signature line not in Paris, but where he belongs, New York City. What I can say without any hesitation, was  that it was the highlight of all my past Fashion Weeks experiences combined, I follow his label like no other..almost religiously. The show stopper for me were the boots that Tim presented, high platform and streamline,  they WILL be on my must have list. The mens and women’s signature line featured impeccable tailoring, futuristic appeal and of course the Tim Hamilton signature structure. As I stood in that beautiful space on top of the Standard Hotel that night, I could only repeat in my head “am I really here right now?” It was sublime and surreal and I will never forget it. #NYFW

Tim Hamilton

Thank you to Nicholas and everyone at the Tim Hamilton showroom, it was a fantastic show!


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