Vintage Finds: Part 3

Today was a fantastic vintage shopping day! I left my humble abode in Harlem this morning, and made the trek to my favorite vintage shop in Brooklyn and spent the whole day there. Aside from the long journey and all the rummaging through the racks, I managed to snatch up some awesome finds. Ready?…here they are!

Navy 100% Wool Print cardigan $15

Black Leather Lace Up Wingtip's $15

Cream hand-knitted Sweater of Irish Wool $20

Brown Leather Distressed Boots $15

Fur Cap With Brim $20


So. Yes..I was in absolute euphoria when I found those boots and that fur cap! I’m not sure what kind of fur it is, but it feels like Fox or Sable. Anyhow I am totally stoked with what I found. I’m telling you people, GO VINTAGE! You will save more money than you can count! lol


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