LANVIN ♥ H&M Mens Collection Preview

The sheer excitement and boiling anxiety that I have began to feel towards the upcoming launch of the Lanvin x H&M Collection has become unbearable! The preview video was leaked early last week and just yesterday the world saw the first previews of the actual pieces for both the mens and women’s collections. I love the history,Parisian allure and heritage of the Lanvin woman, but the Menswear is wear my passion is. The updated classics for the mens line has all the Lanvin aesthetic smeared over it. From tuxedos in elegant shades of navy and purple, to jogging pants paired with shawl collar blazers, and of course the oversized bow ties courtesy of Mr Elbaz himself. I cannot wait to see how the H&M shopper embraces the collection, and hopefully if im not trampled by the screaming women during the launch, I can maybe buy something from the mens collection. Lanvin x H&M launches in stores worldwide November 23rd!



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