“We Were Never Being Boring” x The League

So I know I have been M.I.A for a bit from blogging, but I AM BACK! And with a vengeance! lol So first of all my blog domain was down for about two weeks due to my laziness in re registering it, so yeah that was my fault, then all of a sudden something called Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week happened! I was literally thrown in the pit with a crazy hectic schedule consisting of 4 shows and two after parties. But now the madness has ceased, for a bit, and now I can show you all some pics from the Duckie BrownSpring 2011 after party which was held at Griffin in the Meatpacking. We had an amazing night and judging by the photos you can’t even tell I was running on literally 3 hours of sleep for almost a week straight! lol Here they are….enjoy!

Major shout outs to the designers of Duckie Brown, Daniel & Steven! Thank you gentleman for an amazing night! And to my peeps Sergio Wonder, Curtis Bryant, Rinaldy Laguerre, TuTu and Taj for coming by! Had a blast guys!

The Black Nouveau is back! Tell your friends.

Photos by Curtis Bryant



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