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Neil Barrett Spring 2011 Men’s Collection: Laid Back Luxe

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The only thing that every matters to me during Spring and Summer as far as clothing choices are concerned, is being comfortable. Being constricted, sweaty and aggravated are all things I hate to be during Summer, and comfortable yet classic, loose-fitting yet tailored, relaxed yet luxurious are all ways to describe the Spring 2011 Collection of Neil Barrett. The collection consisted of wrinkled cotton blazers, lightweight linen blended pants that gather at the ankle, amazing caged sandals, and some seriously sick leather pieces. The overall collection is without a doubt what I’m leaning toward with my clothing choices this summer, and will be adding a few of these styles to my wardrobe soon enough.

Via GQ

Give Me Your Worst!

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Brave man standing up against nature…via DailyMail

“Movement” x INKIE & INSA

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This is the coolest street graffiti  I have seen in a while! ( Click on the images to see the animation)

GIF animated street art by INKIE and backgrounds by INSA

Via Blame It On The Bogi

Hurricane Jane

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Let Me Count The Ways…

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Everything That Glitters x Curtis Bryant

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So my good friend Brittany Grass asked me a while back if we could do a photo shoot  for her promo of her upcoming album, we both agreed we wanted the look of the shoot to be a throw back to the golden era of Hollywood and the 1940’s. About a month ago I began to conceptualized hair and makeup and pull dresses and accessories for the shoot which we decided would be held in Central Park. So last saturday was the big day and Brittany, photographer Curtis Bryant and myself stepped back in time to a world of silver screens and starlets, and this was the end result….ENJOY!

The premise of the shoot was to capture the essence of Brittany and her music, and the sheer elegance that she exudes made it easy for her to look natural while we shot. The overall shoot was a total success and we couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day in Central Park.

Model: Brittany Grass

Stylist: James Field

Photographer: Curtis Bryant

Wardrobe: Archive pieces from the showroom of New York designer Kati Stern for the couture label Venexiana.

Check out more of singer/songwriter Brittany at Brittany for booking information and music samples.

Of course also visit for more of Curtis Bryant and his amazing work.

 Thanks so much to Curtis, Brittany, Denise and Reco for all your help!


“Countdown to Violence” x Nom de Guerre

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Fall/Winter 2010 Collection video directed by Zach Gold

Nom de Guerre