Topic: The GeboMana Shirt

So about a week ago a wonderful company named GeboMana contacted me about their beautiful handmade tee shirts and the great cause that they support. The company makes these  amazing limited-edition handmade shirts of 100% organic cotton featuring beautiful motifs. They were even so gracious enough to send me one, called the “Temple Fan” which has a beautiful silver foil effect to it.

The name “Gebo” literally means giving or gratitude, and was given to the tenth rune in the Viking rune alphabet. The main focus on what makes this company so special, aside from their cool shirts, is that every 5 shirts that are sold, GeboMana provides a whole year of education to an underprivileged child. With that fact in mind, GeboMana is out to make the world a better place, one shirt at a time.

“At GeboMana we have chosen Gebo to stand for what we’re all about; socially conscious fabrics, giving gifts and creating bonds and connections between all of us here on this planet.”


Special thanks to Fiona and the entire GeboMana PR team.

Thanks so very much guys!

Visit for more info, and also check them out on Twitter and their Facebook page.



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