Dunhill Spring 2011 Collection: 1940’s Revival

The entire summer I have been patiently awaiting the Mens Spring 2011 Collections to showcase from Europe. My excitement bubbled and finally peak when I laid eyes on the Dunhill Spring 2011 Collection from Paris via GQ.com

It was a blend of exquisite tailoring with air of 1940’s “Mad Men” inspired styling. It is very rare that the men’s collections capture my interest to a point of obsession, and this show definitely achieved that reaction. Some of my favorite new styles were the double-breasted blazer, a classic British sport coat, cropped and reduced to two buttons, along with the flat front cropped trousers. The overall vision of the show read “Gentleman” to my eyes, and in such creating a sense of throwback glamour of the old Hollywood days of Clark Gable and Frank Sinatra. When doing my mens fashion reviews, I tend to only use a few images from the show’s that I am reviewing, to keep it minimal, but the Dunhill Spring 2011 Collection amazed me so much I put almost half of the images up via GQ.com


Visit Dunhill.com for more information


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