T.B.N Interviews: Sergio Wonder

 Wonder // (wndr)

n. One that arouses awe, astonishment, surprise, or admiration; a marvel.
Today  The Black Nouveau is proud to interview a true talent and good friend, Sergio Wonder. Contributing Editor for Runway Wonderland, aspiring fashion designer and a true creative force in the making, his style and charisma and true passion for art and fashion is what makes him so special to The Black Nouveau. Without further ado, ladies and gentleman…Sergio Wonder.


T.B.N: So Sergio, Runway Wonderland is the name of the amazing fashion blog that you are the contributing editor for, how did it come into existence? 

Sergio: When I was still living in Miami, I’d discovered the power of having an online presence in the underground world of fashion and decided that Runway Wonderland was one of the best ways to start out with a little publicity for what I’m passionate about. 

T.B.N: How long have you known that Fashion was a your true interest of yours? Any inspirational moments or influences? 

Sergio: I specifically remember when I was in the 9th grade I sketched out an image of my English teacher wearing an elaborate tie and blue blazer… he caught me “doodling” in class and told me that I could make a profession just by “creating different styles of clothing.” From that point on, I’d never put the pencil down. 

T.B.N: Coming from Miami, Florida, how do you describe your personal style and how does Miami’s fashion compare to New York‘s?   

Sergio: I’d like to think that I’m a prep who knows when to clock in and out. I’m a sucker for a great cardigan and a couple bow ties, but I can also break down for new silhouettes. Miami is associated with vacation and fun in the sun, so there’s definitely a lot of shorts and open-toed footwear roaming around Collins Avenue. However, like every major city, there’s the underground night life when the trendsetters come out and show whatever tricks they’ve got up their sleeves. 


T.B.N: So just for those who don’t know, you’ve studied in London to become a fashion designer, and I have been privileged enough to view some of your sketches. What is your inspiration? On what type of person will your clothing be worn? 

Sergio: Although I want to be moved by everyday life, I’m more inspired by people of a specific breed and time. My imagination runs wild when I think about people or things that cannot exist in today’s world, mainly because it allows me to believe that I could be the one to make it possible. Trendsetters both in the limelight and underground could wear anything made by me. 






T.B.N: Lets talk about “The League [of Extraordinary Gentlemen]” for a moment shall we? With members consisting of you, Curtis Bryant of Moose-Hunters and myself, what do you think will be our next course of action? 


Sergio: The possibilities are truly endless. Maybe an full blown editorial, or a trunk show. There’s so many things that “The League [of Extraordinary Gentlemen]” can do when their minds are combined. Why enforce limits?  

T.B.N: Lets talk about your background, what did you do in Miami? Why did you move to New York? And what were/are your goals and aspirations? 

Sergio: Particularly, I left Miami because the resources of fashion just aren’t completely there yet. If I’d wanted to do an internship at any establishment remotely related to fashion [or design], I just wouldn’t be able to, simply because there are none. New York offers so much more and everything that I need to continue on with my career as a designer, is thoroughly accessible. 

T.B.N: Finally, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Will you hopefully be designing your own fashion line? What will the future of Runway Wonderland look like? 

Sergio: I see many collaborations in the coming years and a lot of PR for the brand. Runway Wonderland will still be an avenue into my thoughts, progression, and things I love about life. 

The Black Nouveau would like to thank Sergio Wonder for his time.

 Visit Runway Wonderland for more of Sergio and all his little “Wonders”

 By: James Field





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