Janelle Monáe

The fresh futuristic sounds of new comer Janelle Monae has taken the world by storm. Her voice, charisma and stage presence has allowed her to be our Daily Honoree today. The unique voice and fashion sense that she epitomizes has intrigued me since I first listened to her album Metropolis. She plays on this 1950’s style of dressing which I find totally refreshing, the vibe sets off this coy 1950’s school girl complete with saddle shoes, cropped pants, white bib tux front shirts and black bow ties are all adorned, almost giving off an androgynous mystic. Her style is such a burst of futuristic and classic energy, mixing elements of funk, soul and blues, you cannot help but be enthralled when watching her perform live. “I’m an alien from outer space” declares the Kansas City native, and her unique sound and style is something we all would gladly be abducted by.



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