ODEUR Spring 2010 Men’s Collection: Light

The summer is a time when you really don’t want to wear anything dark, heavy, or sweat causing. I on the other hand hate summer, and have yet to find a medium in how I dress. I believe the key to surviving the hot summer months is thinking “Light”, that is relevant to both color and material selections. The Swedish label, ODEUR Men’s Spring 2010 Collection is entitled “light” and has some of the coolest (literally) hooded and extra big shirts that drape away from the body to allow for movement and air to circulate. The use of light cottons is so great for the sweltering months ahead, and I really think I will take some pointers from this collection and trickle them into my own wardrobe for summer. Of course I don’t have the chest or arms of our straping European model here (yet) but this collection definitely fits right up my alley for this summer. Enjoy courtesy of Must


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