Oh Glory Day!

Come all! Come all!….

This is a very special invite to an amazing pop up store featuring works by some of my best friends! Details below…

Pop up store hosted by Leia Jospe and Caitlin McMullen featuring clothing, photo prints, jewelry…by her & a bunch of their friends for sale!

Kill Devil Hill on 170 Franklin St.
Take the G to Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn

Thursday Feb. 25th
ONE DAY ONLY, open all day!

– Clothes from Christian Joy (designer of Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs costumes), Caitlin McMullen, Jack & Louis Shannon, Starscream.
– Jewelry by Misty by M.W.S.
– Photo prints on display/for sale by Leia Jospe, Callie Beattie, Melinda Abercrombie

This store is only going to be open for one day, so make you sure to stop by and support my friends!


Trekking through a legit blizzard for two of my best friends pop up store in Brooklyn may sound crazy, but that’s my life! The “Glory Days” pop up store was Feb 25th, but of course since I shoot with this dinosaur of a camera, I didn’t get my film developed until this week (yeah I know), but the photos came out awesome!

So the beginning of the photos has my friend Caitlin McMullen designs, the cotton t-shirts with the cool embellishments are hers, along with the rack of cool spring dresses. Not to mention she is like an awesome designer, and she knows it! Her work is going to become really huge and ya know what, I will be there to be her publicist! (lol)

The next set was the Christian Joy section, featuring some insanely cool bags and t-shirts with limited edition print  designs on them. Christian was also just featured in Time Out New York as on of the most stylish New Yorker’s, so yeah, she is pretty dope.

Last but certainly not least, is the photography of the great Leia Jospe. One of my best friends, she is beyond talented with her art and so funny and cool. From her Stop Motion Video, to her Fashion Week coverage, she is truly a phenomenal photographer. Now in the two photos above lets play a little game of “Where is James”, can you point me out in the both the photos? (lol)

So aside from the unbelievable blizzard that began when I made my way to the store, and lasted until we closed, we all had a great time!, and I even brought a shirt and had it customized by Caitlin.

Thanks to Caitlin, Leia, Christian and all the brave souls who battled the elements and came out to show support.



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