The OWN Channel Vol. 2

Continuing on from the OWN Channel Vol. 1 Post, here is the Vol.2 video which was shot in two parts. The first half is an interview done with the highly talented Japanese designer Tatsuya Oconogi of the brand TroisO. Oconogi speaks about his beginnings at Issey Miyake before branching out on his own in 2002 with his own line. He also speaks about his “rethinking of luxury” and how he relates that concept to his clothing construction. Also featured is an interview with Japanese graphic artist Kiyoshi Kuroda in which he discusses his art exhibit “Balance”.

The second half  of Vol.2 consista an interview with New York based designer Mark Burrowes of the label Rockers NYC. The designer sits down with his daughter Amhara to discuss the line, his design concepts, and inspirations which he finds mostly in music and art. The volume is then finished off with “World Snaps” featuring some killer street fashion. Enjoy!

Photo by Derek Kettela courtesy of OWN Magazine No.7 Issue


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