Fashion Review For The “Defiance” Film

Definitely hailed as one of my favorite films of 2009, “Defiance” stars Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber as Jewish brothers in 1941 Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe, and is about their struggle to escape and protect a pack of non-combatant Jews. The movie was packed with action, drama and major thrills but it had a important message about freedom, and the pursuit of that right which we all have. Aside from the high-caliber acting, the movie had a great fashion style that I loved, here is my little review.

To begin, since the film is based in the fridge Belorussia forests, I’m sure the films wardrobe stylist thought “wool & leather and LOTS of it.” The coats were my favorites, heavy wool, high collared coats matched with worn and waxed leather belts and calf high boots, had major roles in the film.

What was fun for me to see was Daniel Craig in a completely different silhouette than that of his previous films. We all know him as the suave and dapper double agent James Bond in the “Casino Royale” film, but this was definitely a departure from those slick Armani suits. Take note of the photo above in which he wears this sick leather jacket with a detailed flap on the collar, paired with this wool newsboy cap. It’s such a great blend of scruffy chic mixed with survival casual. Being from the mountains myself I definitely had a connection with the styling of the film. It resonated with my inner “woodsman”!

Overall it was a superb film and was topped off with some killer fashion choices, even though I know most of the audience members of middle-aged men in the theater I went to did not think twice about the style of the characters, but hey this is what I do people, so I hope you enjoyed my Fashion Review of the film “Defiance”.

Film Trailer “Defiance” 2009


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