James In The L.E.S via Complex Blog

Street Detail: James in the L.E.S

NAME: James

OCCUPATION: Full-time student / Part-time fashion blogger


GLASSES: Vintage


SHIRT: Ben Sherman

JEANS: Ben Sherman

BOOTS: Army Navy

What is your favorite winter trend? I really dig thick, heavy knitted scarves. They’re cool and very warm.

Must have item for winter? Tailored black pea coat.

What sneaker style are you rocking this season? All black Chuck Taylors.

What is a cold weather don’t? Not wearing socks and thinking you’re cool. It’s just dumb.

What inspires your style? Things that no one wears anymore or would never think to wear.

Last clothing item you purchased? Wool buffalo plaid hunter pants.

Most money spent on a single item? $40 on a vintage leather jacket.

Favorite website? Theblacknouveau.com and Housingworksaucitons.com

What do you collect? Coats and Jackets

Favorite Brand Ben Sherman

Favorite tech gadget? My key chain laser pointer.

Favorite city? Paris.

Dream job? Fashion editor of GQ Magazine.

Who is your dream date? Zoe Kravitz

Last book read? Does OWN Magazine count?

Trend proof style advice? Be an individual. Style is personal so rock it how you want to rock it.

Special thanks to Fred over at Complex Blog

Check out the whole post here


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