Interview With Men’s Fashion Enthusiast James Field Of T.B.N

Blank Label Blog

Interview by Danny Wong
When browsing the web for interesting, men’s fashion related blogs, I ran into The Black Nouveau, and since have developed an awesome relationship with it’s Editor, James Field – student, fashionisto, and writer. I found him to be an interesting young guy with an incredible future ahead of him so I thought to feature him while he still had time for our men’s fashion blog before he becomes head editor at GQ and decides he doesn’t have time for Blank Label anymore. Here are a few questions I asked just to get an idea of where his head is at.
-How’d you develop an interest in fashion? What about fashion is so intriguing for you?
I believe it all started at a very early age, my grandfather and my grandmother were and still are very snazzy dressers and being around them when I was younger really sparked my interest. My grandfather used to have these really cool pipes that he would hold while wearing three-piece tweed suits and brown wingtip Oxford’s, his style was so English and classic and it showed me how to put fabrics and colors together. My grandmother was also a very classy women and she would wear these beautiful summer dresses and big hats and the best pearls. Watching them and studying there style was a big influence on my own personal style growing up. I believe fashion is a true reflection of individualism and originality, who wants to look like the next person walking down the street? We all want to be unique and special, that’s why we buy what we buy, and I love fashion for that. The ability to be anyone you want to be simply by wearing a piece of clothing.
-So you are still a student aspiring to be a Head Fashion Editor and now you are the sole writer for “The Black Nouveau.” What inspired you to start the blog?
Yes, my goal is to become the Fashion Editor for my own publication one day, and as for the blog it was quite random in its creation. I just had a lot of ideas as far as writing about fashion goes and I wanted to share them with others. I wrote briefly for an online lifestyle magazine in New York and became interested in writing and publishing, thus the blog was born.
-What are your next few steps in life? Thoughts for the 1-3 year game plan?
The top priority for me is to finish my schooling, and to graduate with my Bachelors in Marketing. I really enjoy blogging, and so far the responses I have been getting are so positive, I would really like to see where I may end up with it, and hopes that it will become a Magazine are definitely in the back of my mind. But I’m not rushing, I like the way things have gone with it and I expect the future to be very bright.
My hopes are high for this aspiring fashion editor.
James, thanks for your time and we hope you’ll still be a supporter of men’s dress shirts online when you’re rubbing noses with celebrities and fashion extraordinaries.
Danny Wong

Thank you so much to Danny Wong of theBlank Label Blog for this interview.


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