Vintage Finds Part 2

Today was definitely a successful “Thrift Hunting Day”! I spent my whole day in Williamsburg, Brooklyn rummaging though countless racks at my favorite thrift store Atlantis Attic and found some really great finds. Check em out!

Knit Brown & Cream Sweater $10

Buffalo Plaid Wool Hunters Pants $10

Black Patent Leather Evening Shoes $15

Brown Leather Lace up Boots $15

So the boots are like my new pride and joy, they are in near perfect condition aside from a small rip on the top. In total I spent only $45 on all this…it was without a doubt one of my best thrift finds to date. The buffalo plaid pants may seem like a bit much, but all things are made for a reason and I have the perfect outfit planned for those pants (rubs hands together and lets out a sinister laugh) lol. Overall the trip was very succesful and I will definitely be back there soon!



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