On The Set of Elizabeth Lippman’s “Last Seen Wearing” Film

Elizabeth Lippman is a New York based Fashion Photographer who is truly amazing. She produces and shoots a column  for the New York Times Style Section entitled “Life As A Runway”. She also has shot for Elle, The Boston Globe, Luck Magazine, and Marie Claire, just to name a few. Recently she has been working on her directorial debut for her fashion, murder, mystery film titled “Last Seen Wearing”, starring David Dastmalchian as a New York reporter investigating a series of disappearances during New York Fashion Week. Kelly Cutrone, Molly Sims, and Kathy Horn all make an appearance along with a slew of other important fashion figures. Last night was the last “party scene” of the film, shot at club Tenjune in the Meat Packing District. Your truly was one of the extras in the scene, along with a few male models and actors, my part is very small but I am wearing a bright pink sweater, so it will be easy to point me out! It was such an honor meeting Elizabeth and David Dastmalchian as well as the cast and crew. Here are a few photos from the “big shot” scene, I used my camera phone so I apologize for the low quality.

The photo of myself in the mensroom of Tenjune with “Hello Gorgeous” written on the mirror was just too hilarious and I couldnt resist! The entire experience was so surreal and amazing, I was so honored to have met Elizabeth and David and the whole cast and crew. I can’t wait for the film to be completed, it has such a great story line and David is a great actor. No word yet on any expected release date so stay tuned!

 Thank you so much to Chad Thompson, Elizabeth Lippman and David Dastmalchian.



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