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Behind The Scenes Of “Genesis Of Style” @ The BKc

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Being an extra in Elizabeth Lippman’s movie “Last Seen Wearing” was a true honor, but it very small compared to me being asked to join in the Street Etiquette video “Genesis Of Style”. It was truly an honor to meet so many dapper brothers who have a true focus on personal style. The portion of the video in which I was able to be in was shot about 2 weeks ago in Soho by the amazing photographer,TONE. The guys over at Street Etiquette are great people and so are their friends that I was honored to have met. We ended the day at the Brooklyn Circus store and these are a few shots I took. (sorry some of them are a bit fuzzy)  Enjoy..

It was a great moment to see so many African-American brothers looking so dapper and holding stimulating conversations about style, art and the world around us. I was so honored to have been apart of something so special.

Special thanks to Josh and Trav at Street Etiquette, K.John Lasoul at His Photographic Mindset, Rahmier at Fresh Since 1991 and James over at The Mod Revival, and to the great gentlemen over at The The Brooklyn Circus.


Here are some additional shots I took while we were shooting “Genesis Of Style” in SoHo. The pics show the guys being casual and classic, all the guys have really great style. It was a great time we had shooting, even though it was bitterly cold! lol Enjoy…




Vintage Finds Part 2

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Today was definitely a successful “Thrift Hunting Day”! I spent my whole day in Williamsburg, Brooklyn rummaging though countless racks at my favorite thrift store Atlantis Attic and found some really great finds. Check em out!

Knit Brown & Cream Sweater $10

Buffalo Plaid Wool Hunters Pants $10

Black Patent Leather Evening Shoes $15

Brown Leather Lace up Boots $15

So the boots are like my new pride and joy, they are in near perfect condition aside from a small rip on the top. In total I spent only $45 on all this…it was without a doubt one of my best thrift finds to date. The buffalo plaid pants may seem like a bit much, but all things are made for a reason and I have the perfect outfit planned for those pants (rubs hands together and lets out a sinister laugh) lol. Overall the trip was very succesful and I will definitely be back there soon!


Nouveau Spotlight:

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Instant Gratification. The ability to buy something right here, right now is what consumers can’t get enough of. The retail world has turned us all into drones, buying the same shirt your best friend got at H&M, going crazy over  the same Gap hoodie 50 other people in your school has, we buy and buy and buy from the same mass producing giants everyday. But what if things were different? What if you could have a piece of clothing uniquely customized by you, and made just for you? That thought used to rack my brain over and over until I discovered Blank Label.

Blank Label is an online mens dress shirt company who aims to shake up the retail world with one word…Personalization. They offer Co-Created Dress Shirts for men, which gives you, yes you, the consumer the ability to design your very own unique dress shirt from start to finish. The thought was insane to me! Being able to design clothing from fabric colors, collar styles and even the fit was just to much of a “hallelujah moment”. Now saying this is all good, but being an actual consumer of Blank Label is another. The fit, style, color and personal details that I created for my dress shirt was exactly the way I designed it. Everything was excellent in its execution, and to say the least I was a very happy shopper with them. This was my design…

The guys over at Blank Label definitely have a great product on their hands and with the economical downturn effecting retailers and consumers alike, it makes sense to buy something customized, personalized and designed specifically for you. Nowadays people are being smarter with their money and being pulled into the vacuum that is Mass Production is not something that I would wish to waste money on. Be your own designer is what I say, be original, be unique, be a Blank Label customer.

Just for The Black Nouveau Readers!

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Visit to become your own designer. “Designed by you, Created by us”


Theophilus London- Hum Drum Town

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Finally the full version of this song is AMAZING!! Theophilus you rock man!


Vintage Finds

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As you may or may not know I am a true believer in Vintage and Thrift shopping, you will not catch me paying retail prices anytime soon! With that being said, here are a couple of items I picked up this weekend while in Pennsylvania. Vintage shopping is a blend of skill and luck, and when you find a blazer that fits like a glove or shoes that are just phenomenal, you snatch em up before the next Thrifter does!

Unknown Label Wool Shawl Collar Blazer $3

Unknown Label Wool Plaid Shawl Collar Blazer $3

Vintage Florsheim Designer Collection Black Patent Evening Shoes $4.50

Vintage Florsheim Designer Collection Black Patent Evening Shoes $4.50

Vintage Florsheim Black Patent Evening Shoes

Arent those prices just sickening?! Go Green…Go Vintage!!