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Christian Lacroix Sample Sale: First One In Five Years

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The first sample sale in 5 years by legendary French Designer Christian Lacroix starts TODAY! This is one sale that cannot be missed. Get amazing designs from the label all up to 75% off, from tops to dresses, to jackets to pants, this sale will definitely not disappoint!

Christian Lacroix Sample Sale

November 17th – November 20th

Tuesday – Friday

10am – 6pm

November 21st


10am – 12pm

260 Fifth Avenue

b/ 28th and 29th Streets

Main Floor

(Side note, can you spot Rachel Zoe in the front row in the white gown with floral print?…Love ya MOMA ZOE!)

Art In Stop Motion

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This is one of my good friends very first attempt at creating a Stop Motion video for her art class. I feel that she did an awesome job of it, it’s so cool, fresh, artistic and colorful. Her talent as a photographer is growing so much, I am certain she will be a huge success very very soon! So here is her video, please enjoy it as much as I did! You did a great job Leia! This rocks!..

Thanks so much to Leia Jospe


Essentially Warm

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As the frigid Winter months approach us, I find my gravitation toward more casual, comfortable and warm clothing grows. I enjoy simple cotton chinos, button down gingham check shirts and v-neck wool sweaters for the more nippy days ahead. I feel that you can be warm, and still look cool…no?


Clothing from NN07 Fall 2009 Collection



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Shingai Shoniwa

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There arent too many female vocalist who have the whole package. Stage presence, beauty, charisma and raw talent is hard to find in todays musical artist, that is all except for todays daily honoree, Shingai Shoniwa. Lead singer of the British indie rock band “Noisettes” she has a voice of true originality and power, and her style is truly a topic of discussion. She sports this unique sort of afro, twisted, bouffant hairstyle that is so cool and has a sort of 80’s meets eclectic chic sense of dressing. Her style is just as unique as her name “Shingai” which is reflective of her Zimbabwean descent and means “Persevere” in the Zimbabwean Shona language. Her band also has had a great year so far with knock out videos, appearances on morning news cast and of course the awesome live concerts, they are truly on the road to stardom and we can’t wait to see where they end up.

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