Mark Mcnairy: Red Brick Soul Collection


Being such an avid fan of English-made, Goodyear Welted shoes, it was only natural I would do a post on Mark Mcnairy’s new shoe line entitled “Red Brick Soul”.  All of the shoes are bench made in England and feature throw back red souls. The style and shapes of the Wingtips, Brogues, and Desert Boots featured in the line are versatile, yet classic and trendy enough for todays more hipster shoe consumers.



My favorites are definitely the Desert Boots. I feel as though a lot of Desert Boots are, shall we just say ugly. I dont like how they slouch in the front tip of the shoe when worn over time, and more than often I hate the souls. The Mark Mcnairy versions are made differently than your average Clarks, so they appeal to the more fashion forward Desert Boot wearers, with their unique red souls.



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